Kaihuang Commercial Building 28 million for sale

Hong Kong Island commercial buildings have been sought after the market object, so that the vacancy rate continued low, the recent owners see the market demand, the introduction of Sheung Wan Kaihuang commercial buildings in the middle of the sale, the intention price of 28 million yuan.

Foot stuffing up to 30 yuan return of about 2.6%

Central Murray Road, the birth of the king, to further stimulate the performance of the office market, the Shanghuan District, particularly well-known commercial buildings. Mr. Chen Quanwei, the director of the office of the Central Plains (Commerce and Industry) office, said that the total gross floor area was about 2,044 square feet at 23st and 13st Floor, Kaihuang Commercial Building, 224 Queen’s Road Central, with an intention of about $ 28 million , The average asking price is about 13,700 yuan per square foot.

The site is now available for use by the owners and can be traded in a transaction. It is expected that the market value of the unit will be about $ 30 and the rent will be about 2.6%. In addition, the renovation of the building is expected to be completed by the end of this year, when the property value will be improved, the investment potential is considerable. The investment in the building is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

Chen said, Kaihuang commercial buildings surrounded by unilateral, from the MTR station exit only about 5 minutes, and the building with an independent entrance to the song Street, the traffic is very convenient. In addition, the site can be overlooking the Western Mid-Autumn Festival scenery. At present, the existing sale of the flats is mainly based on the number of tenancy units. There is little interest in the sale of properties. Therefore, it is possible to enhance the sale of the property.

For the area similar to the area, such as the lower floor of the Tak Tak Building, an area of ​​about 2,748 square feet to 31.6 million yuan turnover, the average price of about 11,499 yuan.