Shanghuan Yutai commercial full-layer intention 24.5 million

Mainland funds Chung Hong, continued to buy a mall, the commercial market to become the focus of the market, Hong Kong Island, a full range of the market to become a popular commodity. Recently, there are owners of the sale of the Sheung Wan Yu Tai Commercial Building, the whole high-level, the intention price of 24.5 million yuan.

Central core business buildings sought after, the funds recently turned to the core area outside the commercial buildings, more chasing the situation after the emergence. Chief Executive Officer of the United States, Mr Tang Shao-an, said that it would be sold at about $ 1,550 sq ft per square foot of the Yutai Commercial Building, No. 128 Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan, which is about $ 15,806 per square foot.

Property can rent up to 2.9%

Dang said that the site will be sold to Kyrgyzstan, the new buyers can choose to use or rent, to the current per square foot of the market rent of about 38 yuan, the rent rate of return of up to about 2.9%, stable return The As for the units are high-level households, you can enjoy the sea view, the landscape open light Meng, with independent air-conditioning, and the interval of practical, suitable for all walks of life business.

The building is located at the exit of the MTR Sheung Wan Station. The traffic is very convenient. There are also buses, minibuses and tram stations in the vicinity. There are many traffic options.

The location is close to the center of Yong’an and the China Merchants Bureau. It is about 5 minutes away from Hong Kong and Macau. It is convenient to travel to Hong Kong and Macao. The building is also close to the entrance to the WHC and is very convenient to and from Kowloon.

MTR station covers more traffic options

In addition, there are a number of restaurants to choose from in Yongde Street, Sheung Wan Street. She can also choose to walk to Central. The surrounding facilities are perfect, and the area is very wide.

As for the area of ​​the relevant area of ​​the transaction, such as the middle of the commercial center, with an area of ​​1,586 square feet, to 13.96 million yuan change, the average price of 8,802 yuan per foot; and ZTE commercial building high-level units, an area of ​​1,495 square feet, 2,736 million, the average price of 18,301 yuan per foot, and adjacent to the integrity of the building units, an area of ​​598 square feet, to 10 million yuan turnover, the average price of 16,722 yuan per square foot.

And the building has been a small dish, on a transaction to date back to August 2013, for high-level units, an area of ​​1,550 square feet, to 17.6 million yuan transaction, the average price of 11,355 yuan per foot, And the area is rare, expected to be favored by the user.