Changsheng 20 years to sell 70 million sets of 400 billion in the first half of the sale of sets of 256 billion has exceeded the target

One of Hong Kong’s leading developers, Cheung Kong Properties (1113), has sold about 70 000 flats in Hong Kong over the past 20 years, bringing about $ 400 billion to Hong Kong, the largest number of local developers to sell. Cheung Ching Executive Director Zhao Guoxiong said that although the Group has sold only about 1530 contracts for about half a year, it has set a target of about $ 25.6 billion and has raised its target to $ 35 billion by the end of the year. New year high. Ming Pao reporter can be children, Lin can be

Land Registry shows that over the past 20 years (as of the end of May 2017), the first-hand private property registration recorded about 370,000, which means that many years ago, about 70,000, accounting for nearly 20% of the total market registration. Group sales peak for 1998 and 2003, with the sale of about 6000, for the past 20 years sold the largest number of years. However, the maximum amount of cash for the year is 2015, when a number of large new flats such as Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Cannes, Blue Sky, Hung Hom Victoria Harbor, Star Island and Yuen Long World are sold in large units. , Led the group to refresh the cash amount of records.

To be raised this year to 35 billion sales target

1997 to 2017 this 20 years, the real sale of the sale experienced a lot of wind and rain to Zhao Guoxiong was promoted to the group executive director of the following year in 2001, for example, when September shocked the world’s New York “9.11″ fear of the global economy Are affected by fear of haze, Cheung Kong “9.11″ after the sale of Tung Chung Ying Yau Garden 1, to more than 2,000 yuan to raise the price of up to attract. In 2003, Hong Kong’s economy was hit hard by SARS. When the epidemic was the most raging in the year, only large sales were carried out as usual and recorded more than 6,000 years of sales. As for the fastest delivery in recent years, the market for the February 2008 sale of the sunrise Cannes capital, because the overnight sale of the house and become hot words, the whole 2096 guys in a night near the sale.

The second half of the push more than 1,300 sets of three

In fact, with the recent rise in property prices, the Group has increased its annual cash amount by more than $ 20 billion since 2008 (except for the less pre-sale of uncompleted flats in 2013 and 2010) Most of the early years recorded more than 100 billion yuan, significantly increased. Looking at the Group this year, sales of real estate, mainly to large yards of property-based, such as the North Point Victoria Harbor, Ma On Shan Star Lianhai, together with the recent sale of Tsuen Wan Sea Love 1 970 close to sell, cash more than 10 billion yuan, as of this year At the end of May, the Group had sold about 1530 contracts for less than six months, attracting about $ 25.6 billion, up by about $ 7.8 billion more than last year, and even raised its target to $ 35 billion this year. Group new record.

Zhao Guoxiong said the group will launch the second half of the sea in the sea. Love Hyun Mei, Central Jiaxing Street reconstruction project and the Repulse Bay Road 90 project, involving more than 1,600 partners, love dazzling US deployment within two weeks push plate. He believes that the market has been digested to raise interest rates, even if the rate hike in Hong Kong, the increase is not large, expected this year, property prices remain up and down.