City to buy million Terry Plaza 4 layer

The new four-storey storehouse of Wan Tai Lee Plaza, Kwai Tong, which was developed by Hong Kong, last week, was sold for more than $ 540 million. The new buyers were Hong Kong City University or related parties. CityU spokesman to respond to the purchase of the floor, with the University to meet the needs of long-term academic development, expand teaching and research space. It is reported that the total area of ​​the unit of about 47,130 square feet, the average price of more than 11,400 yuan per foot.

Zhongzheng Industry and Commerce Department Liu Chongxing said that the full floor and the fifth floor of the 11th floor of Chai Wan Tak King Industrial Building are K One Island, which is now selling 88 studio and storage rooms with an area of ​​about 59 to 275 square feet, Intended price of 6,955 yuan, the admission fee of about 46.28 million. One of Class E, 1 / F, Wing Tie Industrial Building, Kwun Tong, is a member of K One East. It is now 46 units, with an area of ​​about 69 to 260 square feet and an interest rate of $ 6,800. The admission fee is about $ 558,000. The above properties have been reserved for more than half of the flats.

summer vacation near, large housing room appears charity situation. Zhongyuan Wu Yaozu said, Tin Shui Wai Jiahu Villa recently recorded two cases of pre-rent case, which enjoy the lake to live in a low-rise two homes, the old lease is not finished, that is, tenants rented on a monthly rent of 10,000 yuan, useful rent 22.3 yuan. Lee Tung Court said Tung Chung Eastern and Eastern Ring II recorded 84 leasing transactions this month, with an average utility of about $ 27.

Zhongyuan pointed out that in May, there were 15 registered tickets for second-hand sale and sale of furniture, down by 16.7% and 25.3% respectively, and the total value was RMB 3,934 million. During the period, there was one case, which was the top ten in the middle of Room A, Ap Lei Chau Yuet Wah Court, selling 8.8 million yuan.