Tsim Sha Tsui shop two consecutive Diao

Hot money to switch to the shops market, investors are particularly active in the market to buy shop. Tsim Sha Tsui recently recorded two more than 100 million yuan large number of shops turnover cases, the main area of ​​the city streets of the sea Road, a double ground floor with loft, the recent mainland investors to about 300 million yuan purchase, higher than the purchase price seven years ago Nearly 1 times. Another area of ​​Kimberley Road, a single shop also sold more than 200 million yuan, but only five years ago, only nearly 10% appreciation.

Tsim Sha Tsui Haiphong Road, a double ground floor with loft, the city recently by the mainland investors to about 300 million yuan to buy. (Data picture)

Mainland investors 300 million purchase shop

Market sources said the above-mentioned Hai Dao Road, No. D underground shop with loft, the shop area of ​​about 830 square feet, even the self-loft about 830 square feet, the city by the mainland investors to purchase about 300 million yuan, To about 75 million per month lease, the rate of return of about three per cent. It is understood that the mainland investors at the beginning of this year to hundreds of millions of dollars to sell Causeway Bay Posefield Street shop.

According to statistics, the shop by the original owners in 10 years to more than 150 million yuan to buy, calculated, about seven years of book appreciation of nearly 97% or nearly 150 million yuan, and the shop in the peak year About $ 1.1 million leased out, that is, the current peak monthly decline of about 32%.

The latest shop and office transactions or put the disk

In addition, the Honghui Group (00183) announced the sale of the entire issued share capital of Zhongfei Company Limited at a consideration of RMB206 million. The Company’s main business activities are property investment. The Company now holds 4, G / F, Wynn Building, Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui No. 23A and 23B Shop No. 23 loft.

It is understood that the shop area of ​​about 2,560 square feet, loft about 1,950 square feet, is now the restaurant to 57.6 million yuan per month rent. Data show that the above Kimberley Road shop in one or two years to 1.88 billion purchase, calculated, about five years of books only appreciated by nearly 10%.

Commercial area, the news that Tsim Sha Tsui Lippo Sun Plaza, the middle of the area, an area of ​​2,306 square feet, priced at about 16,000 yuan to sell, involving about 36.9 million yuan. Central Garden Road, a single grade A commercial high-level full-storey, an area of ​​about 17,197 square feet, rented about $ 120 rent, the monthly rent more than 200 million.

He Cheng Building Bidding 1.5 billion

In addition, the CB Richard Ellis Capital Marketing Department senior director Yang Weili said Causeway Bay Leighton Road 9 to 11, Chengcheng Building launched the tender, the intention of about 1.5 billion yuan, according to the approved construction area, the price of about 31,000 yuan, Twenty-six cut. The property is 24 storeys high, and the underground and attic are duplex shops. The first floor to the 22nd floor are office space with a total GFA of about 47,770 square feet.

Young said the building owners for the local family, in a year to about 580 million yuan to buy. That is, the price is higher than the purchase price of nearly 1.6 times higher. He said that last month, Murray Road, the United States and the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, Including the minibus king Ma Ya Mu family to 600 million yuan to buy Jardine Street 60 to 62.