Jun Fan parking to sell 400 million expensive Jiu Long

The high-priced parking lot in each district continued, following the Sai Ying Pun Victoria Harbor peak vehicle sales of 5.18 million yuan hit a new high in Hong Kong, Kowloon Station, the world also recorded a record of up to 400 million yuan, a new record in the Kowloon District parking lot.

The price of the world’s parking lot is a new high in Kowloon.

The above-mentioned world’s second floor parking spaces are sold for $ 4 million. The purchase by two buyers is a joint name. One of the English names is written in Chinese.

It is understood that the original owner held a number of properties in the estate, the two residential units and a parking lot sold to the joint buyers, residential prices were 45 million and 46 million yuan.

Hong Kong parking spaces have been very ardent, driven by the long rise in prices, the current luxury car parking lot of up to four or five million yuan, such as the Victoria Harbor peak area of ​​188 square feet of parking spaces to 5.18 million yuan to break the record price to sell. As for the large-scale housing estates in the New Territories, the price of the parking spaces is now at $ 1 million. There is a parking space for Tin Shui Wai to raise as much as $ 1.02 million.

King King parking room earned 60,000

Fine parking spaces have also been fired recently There are more than 40 cases of registration and sale of more than 40 parking spaces in May. The agency said that the current sale of the premises was as high as $ 55 million to $ 600,000 and the monthly rent was about $ 1,500 to $ 1,800. The rent was more than 3%.

Market sources said that there are female investors from the outside, in recent years, respectively, in the name of the private company and the name of the company swept the luxury garden parking spaces, immediately after the purchase of goods, some more to touch the form of selling, the average amount of each book earn tens of thousands Yuan, over the years involved more than dozens of parking spaces trading. And the recent house No. 1 underground double parking spaces to 56 million to sell, holding about more than a month book earn about 60,000 yuan.