Cheung Kong’s annual sales target rose to more than 35 billion target

The domestic industry actively come to Hong Kong flaw ground, the traditional local developers are also faced with difficulties in supplementing soil storage. However, Real Estate (01113) means that the Group’s sales revenue in the next few years is expected to stabilize. In the past few years, the sales volume in Hong Kong has reached about 1,530, with a profit of about $ 25.6 billion. More than 1.5 times in advance, ahead of this year’s goal. The Group’s annual sales target is expected to rise to more than 35 billion yuan in the second half of the year will be the sale of Tsuen Wan sea love love Hyun and the Repulse Bay house project.

Chang real estate Zhao Guoxiong said that the second half of the property market in Hong Kong is expected to remain stable. (He Tiancheng photo)

Zhao Guoxiong sigh to buy “difficult to Zo"

Cheung Kong Real Estate Executive Director Zhao Guoxiong visited the newspaper today, said today in Hong Kong to do real estate developers, “few years ago, good world", in recent years, many local and mainland experts cast a relatively courageous, prefer It is true that the developers will not be able to find a reasonable profit return when they bid for the land. Fortunately, the Government has also actively pushed up the land.

He stressed that the Group in recent years to reduce the purchase, but will not affect future income, because the rise in property prices can push the number of sales figures, the next few years sales remained stable, the annual is expected to maintain more than 200 billion to 30 billion Yuan sales revenue.

He disclosed that the Group had sold more than 70 000 flats over a total of about $ 400 billion from 1997 to the past two decades. For the purposes of this calculation, the Group has sold an average of about 3,500 flats a year. The average annual sales volume is about $ 20 billion. The average transaction price is $ 5.7 million.

However, even if the current annual sales volume may be reduced, but sales revenue is still up to standard, or even ahead of the standard. In this year, for example, the Group has only sold about 1,530 flats since the beginning of the year, but the amount of cash has been about $ 25.6 billion ahead of the annual target. That is, the average transaction price of each group is more than $ 16.73 million, which is nearly twice as high as the average transaction price of the Group over the past two decades.

He said that the first phase of love by the sea and other hot sales, the Group’s first five months this year, sales results have exceeded the target is expected to increase to more than 35 billion yuan. He said that in response to the first phase of the sea love to the many people, the project 2 sea love? Love Hyun will debut in advance, Ji two weeks to announce the details, but the period of all 1,436 people will not push during the year. The same plain water house project or debut in the second half of the year, providing 11 houses, each with an area of ​​about 5,000 to 6,000 square feet.