Huagui Village, 405 million green table public housing king

After the implementation of the policy of well-managed housing, many wealthy households into the green table market, directly push the public, HOS housing prices, Aberdeen luxury village of a sea unit to green table price of 405 million (not land premium) To become the most expensive green public housing flats in Hong Kong.

High-level full-sea foot price of 7445 yuan

Market information revealed that Huagui Village, high-rise floor, 7 rooms, the practical area of ​​544 square feet, can be 3-room interval, is expected to the whole sea, the owners of the green table market price of 4.3 million yuan, just reduced to 405 million change hands, cost Is the most expensive green flats in Hong Kong and $ 7,445 in sq ft and is the second highest. The original owner in 2013 to 98 million purchase, holding 4 years profit of about 3.07 million yuan, the appreciation of 3.1 times during the period.

Qu Fangyuan Senior Business Manager Huang Shaoyun pointed out that the public housing tenants policy to promote a lot of wealthy home, Aberdeen public, HOS flats continue to heat up, Lee East Village this month, two cases of green table units resale cases, such as Lee Hing House Mid-level 01 room, the practical area of ​​296 square feet, is an open interval, just to 1.43 million yuan (not compensated land) changed hands, fancy price of 4,831 yuan. The original owner in 2005 to 14.2 million purchase, holding less than 12 years, the book profit of about 128.8 million yuan, the appreciation of more than 9 times.

As for the green table HOS market, Century 21 Toyama real estate co-director Lin Weixiong revealed that the new Po Kong mining garden five high-rise B room, the practical area of ​​591 square feet, put a month to 638 million (not land premium) , The effective price of 10,795 yuan per foot, a green table that the sale price and a new high price per foot.

The original owner in 2001 to 1.56 million purchase, holding 16 years book profit of 4.82 million yuan to leave.

In addition, the Tseung Kwan O Guangming Court Guangxin Pavilion 9 rooms, the practical area of ​​639 square feet, in the green table market to 4.88 million yuan change hands, the cost of a new house high.