Qiao Xiong international transformation can be noted

Hong Kong stocks continue to consolidate at a high level, the US Federal Reserve Board rate hike in June is also a foregone conclusion, the current market is waiting for A shares can be included in the MSCI index. As a result of this year’s A shares into its global stock benchmark with a new proposal, so a great chance of success, and in June 2018 is likely to launch a revised version. From the current market point of view, the atmosphere is relatively hard net, after the consolidation rate is higher.

(8198), it is recommended that investors wait for their callback to 50 days, 100 days and 250 days line intersection of about 0.3 yuan to buy, just yesterday to the price, buy may wish to wait for the second time fried on the opportunity. Another price is also the concept of the transition to sell shell, and its story is also the same as the Melody ring, the relative is more real, investors may wish to pay more attention.

Overseas Chinese employees have four major businesses, namely, toys and gift manufacturing, natural resources exploration, fruit cultivation and leisure culture, as of the end of 2016, its revenue rose 5.4% to 235 million yuan, but the loss expanded to 150 million yuan. House leaked every night, the company due to revised performance and suspended for nearly two months, the management has also been personnel changes, but recently has been whipped to see the feeling of cloudy sky.

The company intends to enter the hotel front desk robot business, simply to replace the manpower to check-in and check-out New business seems simple, behind the actual but involves personal privacy and social security, because in the Mainland to stay in the hotel need to provide identity cards. It is not difficult to imagine, such as the lack of personal connections, overseas Chinese have the opportunity to participate in these businesses. For this reason, Qiao Xiong spent $ 400 million to acquire a 65% stake in Shanghai Science and Technology, and Shanghai has signed strategic cooperation with a number of fast business hotel groups in the Mainland. The business has been carried out immediately.

In addition, the seller also made a profit guarantee to the overseas Chinese, within one year after the completion of the transaction, the net profit will be not less than 62 million yuan. It is said that the future will further develop intelligent security and large data interactive platform, while the old business will be divested and renamed, that the Group’s new business and new direction re-positioning. Investors may wish to buy at current prices, short-term Bo its speculation last October high of 0.145 yuan, the potential increase of about four percent.