Tsim Sha Tsui Haiphong Road to shop 300 million easy to master

The retail market in Hong Kong has stabilized and the decline in sales of jewelery has bottomed out and attract investors to re-enter the market. According to market sources, the ground floor, No. 32, No. 34, No. 34, No. 34, No. 3, is about 830 square feet, about 830 square feet of loft, recently to about 300 million yuan to “sell shell" in the form of transfer, it is learned that the shop Now by the pharmacy to rent 750,000 yuan monthly rent, return about 3%. The original owner is in 2010 to 1.52 billion purchase, this transfer book profit of about 148 million yuan to leave, earn nearly doubled. It is understood that the new buyers for the mainland businessmen Liu Jun or head of the people.

Guisheng Building 29 million to undertake

In addition, over a hundred feet large-scale industrial building units widely used, much sought after investors and users. The bank recently said that the bank has successfully contributed to the sale and purchase of Room A and Unit B of Phase 1, Kwai Chung Kwai Chung Industrial Building, Phase 1, with an area of ​​11,458 sq ft and is expected to be active by the active investors in the region. The price of only about 2,531 yuan, is the price of bamboo shoots.

Mr Chan pointed out that the above address would be a commune transaction with a market value of $ 8. The new purchaser would be entitled to a return of 3.8% of the rent, which would be a high level on the market, plus the number of large square meters Not much, and Guisheng Industrial Building, the practical rate of up to Bacheng, and Kwai Hing MTR station only about ten minutes, so attract buyers readily patched into the market.

In fact, the Kwai Chung District has a low price of water at low cost and an ideal return for rent, which has always been the ideal place for home and long-term investors to enter the market. Moreover, in recent years, new types of buildings have been introduced in the market for hundreds of square feet The main, so that a large area put the disk more precious, expected future Kwai Chung area of ​​the building will continue to be sought after by investors.