The king of heaven and earth parking spaces four dominate the military

King International (0163) under the camp of Sai Ying Pun Hong Kong peak to 5.18 million yuan to sell, the first break five ball mark, and hit the whole Hong Kong parking spaces new high price, the amount of money in the purchase of the New Territories to buy two rooms unit. Victoria Harbor has 64 private parking spaces, of which only the first floor of the transaction is a large double parking spaces, an area of ​​188 square feet, 135 square feet than the average car about four percent. In addition, the parking spaces at the unilateral, access is relatively convenient to the project 125 households, that is close to every two before the allocation of a parking space to luxury residential projects, parking spaces are relatively small.

Expected second-hand residential transactions fell to 4100 cases

According to the latest data from the Land Registry, the Kowloon Station will be the second largest parking space on the first floor of the Kowloon Station. It has also been sold for $ 4 million earlier. It is understood that the parking spaces are two Residential units sold at the same time, the total transaction price of 95 million yuan, as the original owners in 2010 to a total of 6,600 million purchase, this transfer book profit of 29 million yuan.

Hong Kong Home Appliances Chief Executive Officer Li Zhicheng said that according to the Land Registry, 2,750 of the total property registration cases (including primary and secondary residential, primary public housing, shops and parking spaces) were recorded in June (as of 13) The same period 3,435 cases fell about 19.9%; the overall registration amount of about 21.01 billion yuan, down about 34.4% over the same period. In the second-hand residential market, the number of second-hand residential registrations recorded in June was 1,696, down by about 20.9% from 2,143 in the same period in May. The registered amount was about 11.42 billion yuan, down by about 23.8% in the same period of the same period. However, second-hand residential registration accounted for the overall one, second-hand residential registration fee ratio rose to about 80.8% level, is the highest since this year. Li Zhicheng estimated that in June the monthly second-hand residential registration of about 4,100 cases.