Hong Kong businessmen are hard to find the Chinese and foreign companies to look at the property market to pull high prices to push down the winning rate

(035) Chairman Qiu Dachang said yesterday that it still holds a conservative attitude towards the property market in Hong Kong. In addition to increasing the supply of buildings in the coming years, the Hong Kong real estate developers will continue to invest in Hong Kong property market. More and more difficult. 10 times before the cast may have a successful bidder, cast 20 times today are not necessarily a successful bid.

Qiu Dachang said that the future will continue to participate in the future, but from the next two to three years of occupation of the paper review of the progress of the point of view, Hong Kong’s housing supply in the next few years will continue to increase, together with the Chinese to Hong Kong to aggressive attitude Cast land, land to high prices, resulting in the success of the opportunity to cast land is relatively reduced.

China, Australia and Britain to balance the development of three places

Qiu Dachang mentioned that in addition to Hong Kong to invest in Hong Kong, but also actively to overseas development, such as to the United Kingdom or Australia to buy land, overseas competition is also a lot. However, the ability of the Far East to develop overseas is relatively mature, and the company’s investment skills are also higher than the Chinese, Chinese is the price to win, and the development of the Far East is approved by the local government land. In the face of the United States may raise interest rates, Qiu Dachang said the past five years in a low interest rate, is the golden opportunity for interest, because the mortgage burden is relatively low.

Managing Director and Executive Director Kong Xiangda added that the current regional development strategy to balance the development of various regions in the individual areas of real estate at low prices to buy land, Australia Perth is a good example, Kong Xiangda said Perth current In the case of Hong Kong, foreign competitors have come to Hong Kong to participate in the investment and pulled up the land price, resulting in “no money".

As for the development of the Far East has taken a diversified development strategy to diversify the investment risk, Qiu Dachang said the proportion of sales distribution, China and Hong Kong, Australia and the United Kingdom, the proportion of three places each one.