Jiahui the first city of Ka Wah Kai Wai Wai Group at the growth rate of investment in the steady progress

Ka Wah International (173) has successfully invested in the land of the new development area of ​​Kai Tak, one of which has been developed into a residential project “Jiahui", which has been sold since February this year and has sold more than 90% $ 7.9 billion. Ka Wah International Finance President Lin said that for another Kai Tak land prospects have confidence, because with the sand center line Kai Tak Station completed, as well as other supporting the region mature, he believes that Ka Wah can rely on the second Kai Tak land, Sales results and then the next city. Reporter Yin Kao Ling

Kai Tak new development area is the major real estate developers compete, regardless of Hong Kong or Chinese capital are actively taken into the cast, Ka Wah is one of them. Turning to the prospect of the new development area of ​​Kai Tak, Lin said that Kai Tak has always been a large area of ​​land to the overall planning and development, relative to the old area to rebuild every small land, Kai Tak can plan better. He also pointed out that the sand center line Kai Tak Station is estimated to be completed next year, plus there are other supporting facilities in the district, such as Kai Tak Sports Park, Metropolitan Park, etc. Moreover, the Government has repeatedly mentioned that the hope that Kai Tak will be the second A business center area (CBD), so the confidence of Kai Tak’s prospects.

China and Hong Kong this year, a total of seven flats

Ka Wah has successfully invested in Kai Tak land, one of which has developed into a residential project “Jiahui", Lin said, Jiahui sales performance is satisfactory, the group in the new development area of ​​Kai Tak set a good reputation, so that The company is confident in the development of another new project in Kai Tak. As for the second piece of Kai Tak land, he said that in the planning, he said the planning direction will refer to the form of Jiahui, and consider the situation around Kai Tak, and then the overall planning direction.

On the other hand, Lin said that the company plans to launch seven properties this year, one in Hong Kong, six in the Mainland, three in Shanghai and three in the Pearl River Delta.

Does this layout mean that this year focuses on the development of the Mainland? In the last year’s sales revenue, China and Hong Kong accounted for about half of each other, and the proportion of Hong Kong and China in the past few years has also changed slightly. He added that the focus of the development of Ka Wah has always been clear, the focus is in Hong Kong, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta is mainly in Shanghai and Nanjing, the Pearl River Delta is mainly in Guangzhou and Dongguan. He said that the company has no established goals, to the proportion of China and Hong Kong to maintain a certain level, there are potential projects will be studied, the development of China and Hong Kong there is no exclusivity.

For the investment strategy, Lin said that Ka Wah will take the policy of prudence as a principle, the strategy in the past few years have successfully helped the company to land, and assess whether a land worth entry, he said that the land Of the development potential, risk factors and return on investment to analyze the three criteria.

In the face of Chinese investment in recent years aggressive, leading to higher prices, Ka Wah how to deal with? Mr Lam said that the competition would have been constant in Hong Kong, regardless of whether China had come to Hong Kong. Since the local developers have been actively participating in the investment. It is not surprising that Hong Kong is a non-Hong Kong developer to come to Hong Kong because it is not surprising that Hong Kong is one of the freest systems in the world, coupled with sound legal and low tax rates, attracting overseas investors. Focus on the Chinese institutions only.

9.1 billion sales this year recorded

Ka Wah Group’s current market value of nearly 15 billion yuan, was asked whether the Group will develop into a large real estate business as the goal, Lin explained that the Group’s net asset value of about 25 billion yuan, there is a discount between the market value and net asset value Discount level and other peers almost, the Group’s management is also actively narrow the distance between the two, he also said Jiahua Group is still in the growth period, the future is still a lot of room for development.

Sales figures, Lin said that the Group for two consecutive years of contract sales of more than 10 billion yuan last year’s contract sales reached 13 billion yuan, has been credited 6.3 billion, still 6.7 billion is not recorded. In addition, there are actually $ 2.4 billion, which is not recorded in 2015, together with $ 6.7 billion not recorded last year, a total of $ 9.1 billion will be recorded this year.