PARK YOHO for sale on a short period of time

Xinyu, Yuen Long PARK YOHO Genova sales deployment is about to complete, the new deputy director of the Thunder, said the project will be uploaded within the next day or two days of the book, have the opportunity to open this weekend to the public demonstration units to the public visit, and will be sold as soon as possible The

Thunder said Yuen Long PARK YOHO Genova will be uploaded within days of the book. Developers yesterday open project 2 clubhouse CLUB GARDA. The new agency general manager, Mr. Chen Hanlin, together with the first CLA COMO, provided a total of 70 facilities, 1 and 2 residents can use the double club, the management fee of about 3.86 yuan per square foot. Today, the developer will open the showcase to the media.

Open to showcase

Data show that the project consists of eight residential buildings, a total of 683, separated from the open to 4 rooms, another special households, the area from 229 to 1174 square feet, the main 2 and 3 rooms, of which 27 are open, 322 partner 2 rooms, 233 3 rooms, 21 groups of 4 rooms, and 80 even with platform or rooftop special households. Is the second fine area, including the area of ​​251 square feet open type, and another two groups of special households only 229 square feet, the smallest unit for the project area, but also temporarily PARK YOHO series of the smallest units.

The shop is sold at 11A, 11B, 11C, 11G, 19B and 19E, with an area of ​​3218 to 3603 square feet, priced from $ 278 million. The

Acting Midland Chief Executive Officer Bu Shaoming said that due to the lack of supply of luxury Hong Kong Island, the house is more rare. Although the US interest rate this week, but the interest rate on the luxury market impact is limited, coupled with the lack of interest in the project mansion buyers, so the sales with confidence.