Proposed the new government two strokes to increase the supply of land

The Government is about to move on to the next month. For the new Government to play, Mr Kau pointed out that it is expected that the Government will increase the supply of land, especially commercial land, to support economic development and consider changing land use and increasing the floor area Increased supply.

Mr Zhao pointed out that the supply of commercial land in the past 20 years was insufficient and that the Government needed to develop in a balanced manner so as to support economic development. This is very important and it is expected that the new Government will be more inked.

As for the commercial supply of tight, but also to promote the commercial property prices, such as the Central Merlin Road commercial, to become the territory of the price to the king, so Zhao said with a smile, but fortunately did not sell the Central Center last year, but the group in the past Less sale of non-core properties, the main will be injected into REITs.

Mr Zhao said that the increase in land supply could take into account two aspects, including changing land use and increasing the volume rate. The Government should discuss with the concerned parties how to speed up the redevelopment of old districts, change the use of alluments and relax the floor area. Land supply.

Thanksgiving "

For the new prime minister, Mrs Tsang-ye, he thinks that Lin Zheng has “made it" and agreed with her philosophy that she is expected to improve the living environment of the public and solve the economic development. Her administration is also holding high expectations. But also praised the early years when she was Secretary for Development, the launch of the proposed project is very good, can immediately increase the supply of tight commercial land has long been stressed, but stressed that the process of building the environment must be environmentally friendly, fire and construction And so on.

On the other hand, in recent years, the number of Shunde has been reduced, and there are still other businesses in the company. At present, there are about 10 projects under construction in Hong Kong and overseas. However, the difficulty of buying land has increased. The consortium would prefer to lower its profits and bid more “brave". However, the Group’s bid to buy land must include consideration of reasonable profits. The real estate is not profitable and the profits are reduced.