Long real three disk section push love dazzling United States within two weeks to attack Zhao Guoxiong: involving 1,600 partners diversified

This year’s tight push plate of the long real, following the previous investment in the sea of ​​Tsuen Wan, the relay will push three new disk should be the city, a total of more than 1,600 partners, of which the love of the sea 2 love Hyun most eye- Push plate offensive is ready, will be in the next two weeks to attack, and force the love of the sea to the corner of the source; and Central Jiashan Street project and Repulse Bay room, is expected to ring in the year debut. With the first half of the sale of information Jie, also increased annual sales to more than 35 billion yuan.

Chang Shi this year, the rest of the time will even push 3, of which the love of the sea in the second phase of love, the largest development, providing 1436 groups. Cheung Ching Executive Director Zhao Guoxiong said in an interview, is actively preparing for the plate, is now everything is ready, is expected to attack within the next two weeks, including open to the outside world demonstration units, and announced the first price list, but the actual launch date Still need to discuss with the partners.

Zhao Guoxiong pointed out that the love of the United States and the United States to sell faster than the original time, mainly for a sea of ​​love sales, there are hundreds of batches to the prospective customer failed to draw, or choose the favorite units, and many to the more interested in leave Come on, the second sale, is considering the allocation of some units for the priority of the selection of the customer, but also have the opportunity to retain some units, to be sold for next year.

Love the United States and the United States 1436 most of the most attention

In addition to the beauty of the United States, there are two new disk is expected to launch, including the construction and cooperation with the Urban Development Bureau of the Central Jiabing Street project is now pending the sale of paper, providing about 185, as to Repulse Bay Road 90 Villa project, available in the second half of the sale, providing 11 large houses, covering an area of ​​5000 to 6000 square feet. While the Mid-Levels Raceway mansion project, as well as Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Cannes 8, will be left for next year to sell again.

As for the previous love of the sea to provide high-volume floor by suction passengers, asked the future launch of the new disk, will continue to introduce the relevant benefits, Zhao pointed out that each of the real estate payment method, according to their own source For example, the Repulse Bay Road house project, there is no need to launch high-rise, and as Ma Tau Kok, because there are many veteran family, need a long time to deal with change matters, so the The disk also launched the corresponding first live after the pay plan.

Jiashan Street project to be pre-sale

He pointed out that the Group’s sales results in Hong Kong in the first half of the year could be described as over-completed. Since the beginning of the year, about 1530 flats have been sold for about $ 25.6 billion. At the beginning of the year, the annual sales amount is about $ 25 billion. The first five months of menstruation has been completed, of which the sea has accounted for about 10 billion yuan, North Point Victoria Hong Kong nearly 80% of the unit, the current annual increase in sales target group to more than 35 billion yuan.

And last year’s sales performance is generally, because only two projects approved the pre-sale, and the previous year only 1 project approved, but review the past 20 years, the Group sold a total of about 70,000, cash about 400 billion yuan, and each year The sales performance is very smooth, the average sales of about 200 billion to more than 300 billion yuan.

For the future property market situation, Zhao believes that the US interest rate factors, the market has been digested, if the mention can be described as “good Out”, although it is difficult to predict the second half of the interest rate, but believe that even if the increase in interest rate, The range is not high.

US interest rate factor has been digested

At the same time, the first half of this year, Hong Kong’s economic performance is better than expected, coupled with the prospects for the public, the public work stability, many people will choose to buy property, it is estimated that the second half of the property prices will remain stable, but the trend must be on, Will be present at the present level.

And the recent emergence of parents, he pointed out that according to the Chinese tradition, parents have the ability to help the parents to buy a house, and parents to pay the first phase of the purchase, so that their children to complete the home business is a good thing.

As for the same Department of Yuen Long Ngau Tam Mei Yang Garden, just recorded a new high deal, for the Louise Avenue, No. 22 house, an area of ​​2369 square feet, just to 38.77 million yuan sold, priced at 16,352 yuan, a new high transaction price, the current The stack is about 60 lots.