Wang Anxiang Xuhui Development Yau Tong Project

Hongan real estate under the Yutang four mountain commercial and commercial projects, now partner in the development of Sino-Greek Xu Hui Group, with a total investment of about 3 billion yuan.

With a total investment of about 3 billion

The commercial and residential projects at 13 and 15 of Sanshi Street have now received a 50% interest in Hong Kong from Hong Hui Group for about 664.5 million yuan. The two sides hold half of the equity interest in the project. And Xu Hui in the mainland a lot of first-tier cities are equipped with the project, is the first time in Hong Kong development.

The total investment of the project is about $ 3 billion. The partnership will be a combination of HK $ and Hong Kong developers’ expertise and experience, sharing resources and consolidating the Group’s future revenue. The project is expected to build two high-rise residential buildings and Block is equipped with shopping malls, mainly to provide 2 and 3 housing units, is currently preparing the project foundation works, the overall construction period of about 3 years, is expected to be completed in 2020. Hong De real estate property development department general manager Chengde Yun said that the group has accepted the earlier government approved land premium, but still failed to announce the actual amount. According to the news, the project previously approved the amount of land premium of nearly 900 million yuan, that is, each square foot floor of nearly 3300 yuan, if the developer finally accepted and paid, will be an oil pond area has been industrial conversion residential land price new highs.

Yau Tong Si Shan Street 13 to 15, formerly known as two buildings, the site area of ​​about 40,000 square feet, and developers as early as 2009, has spent a total of 368 million purchase of the site, in 2010, Will be re-built into two buildings with a height of about 33 buildings, involving a total of about 332 homes, can build a floor area of ​​about 272,000 square feet, as the site also has a small amount of retail floor, expected for shopping malls development.