Luxury 4.0 million sold green table public housing king

Recently, the second-hand new high-priced transactions, the situation is further spread from the private building to the home-based public housing market, which Huachen village middle units, just to 405 million (green table) changed hands, 7445 yuan Hong Kong green table public king.

Market news that the Hong Kong Aberdeen luxury village into a green table public housing Wang, Hua Lian floor in the middle of the 7 rooms, an area of ​​544 square feet, the owner of the price of 4.3 million yuan, put the disk 2 weeks, recently by the buyer bargaining, Yuan (green table price) change hand, foot price 7445 yuan, a green table public housing high. And the current transaction price, but also more than Ap Lei Chau Lidong Village Dongan floor high-rise 4 rooms, in March this year to 3.5 million yuan (green table) changed hands of the old record, and then pushed up about 55 million.

Holding four years or three times

It is reported that the unit in front of no building block, you can enjoy the South Sea area, so attract buyers to buy high prices. And the original owner in November 13 only 98 million (green table) to buy, holding about 4 years, profit of 3.07 million yuan to leave, the unit appreciation of more than 3 times.

As for the luxury village itself, can be described as green table public king of the regulars, the first five public housing estates, Huagui village occupies two seats, in addition, the village is located in Hong Kong Island, many units can enjoy the sea, plus Own shopping malls, access to traffic is also considered convenient, so there is no shortage of buyers to buy units.

Century 21 Branch Manager Wei Shiliang said, Tseung Kwan O Guangming Court G Block (Guangxinge) high-level 09 room, an area of ​​639 square feet, 3 room interval, to the northeast looking open. The original price of 5.3 million yuan, the polling after the accumulated 420,000 yuan to 4.88 million yuan (home market price) changed hands, foot price of 7637 yuan, the transaction price of a house (home two markets) new high, breaking last month 646 side Foot units to 465 million yuan turnover of the old record.

Guangmingyuan 488 million two new high

In addition to public housing, HOS flat prices are also high, Century 21 Toyama co-director Lin Weixiong said, Xinpu Kong Cai Garden 5 high-rise B room, an area of ​​591 square feet, enjoy the sun to 638 million (green table price ) Changed hands, foot price of 10795 yuan, the transaction price and price per ton are a new home market in the new high.

Century 21 Qi Feng Branch Manager Hu Peibei said, Ma On Shan Jin Feng Court F Block 11, the area of ​​601 square feet, 3 room interval, Wang Seaview, the original offer 700 million yuan, put a month, after the bargaining by 300,000 yuan, For the floor to 6,700,000 yuan (free market price) to undertake, foot price of 11,148 yuan, the transaction price of a new high free market.

Cheung Yuen-chung, Senior Manager of Cheung Yi Branch, said that the 6-storey 6-storey, 6-square-foot, 3-room interval at Tuen Mun Kaokang Court F, was purchased at $ 525,000 (free market) at $ 9243 , The transaction price hit a new house high.

Capital foot sale of 13,102 yuan

Market refers to the Tseung Kwan O capital 5 right-wing high-rise B room, an area of ​​519 square feet, recently to 6.8 million yuan change hand, foot price of 13,102 yuan, a new house high.

Midland’s senior business manager Lu Jia-min said that the Tuen Mun Pavilion 10 in the middle of the B room, an area of ​​381 square feet, 2 room interval, overlooking the Shenzhen City King, access to 46.58 million yuan to undertake, 12226 yuan per square foot, New house high.

Market news that the Tseung Kwan O Hau Hom Ming Court A low-level 13 rooms, an area of ​​489 square feet, has just become the main disk of silver, the free market price of 5 million yuan to sell, 10225 yuan per square foot. The Land Registry data show that the unit recorded as much as 22 records. Owners in August 90 to 282,900 yuan to the Housing Authority to buy, 06 to 15 years, to different financial companies and banks for mortgage and loans up to 21 times.