Tsim Sha Tsui Hai defense Road shop 300 million hand

With the improvement of the retail market conditions, the shop turnover was active, Tsim Sha Tsui Hai Road, a shop to 300 million yuan change hands, an area of ​​830 square feet, foot price of more than 300,000 yuan, the new buyers for the mainland investors Liu Jun, expected to return 3 PCT.

The area is 830 sq.ft. and 830 square feet of the loft, with an average price of 361.4 thousand yuan (excluding the attic), the site is leased by the pharmacy. , The monthly rent of 750,000 yuan, about 3% return, the buyer for the active market of mainland investors Liu Jun.

Investor Liu Jun to undertake

Liu Jun in 2012, to the purchase of Causeway Bay Baorong Building Qianquan chapter shop, priced at 1.142 billion yuan, the end of 2014, he sold the ground floor of the A shop to Hongan, cash 210 million, and then, Will be the remaining floor of the shop, all sold to Guanhua mirror factory, priced at 468 million yuan, a total of about 678 million yuan set aside, the book corrosion to 466 million yuan, holding 5 years, the property devaluation 40.6%.

Kimberley Road shop 206 million Gu

The above-mentioned sea road shop, the original owners of Saigon full-minded seafood boss Wu Jinfu and the person concerned, in 2010 to 1.525 billion purchase, has been holding for 7 years, the book earned 147.5 million yuan, the property appreciation of 97%.

Market news, Wu Jinfu to sell the sea defense Road shop, immediately purchased the same district Kimberley Road, involving the Golden Bale Road 13 to 33 Wynn Building, 23A and 23B underground area, an area of ​​2560 square feet, attic 1950 square feet, price 2.06 Billion, the site rented by the good restaurant, the monthly lease of about 576,800 yuan, expected return of 3.36%.

The intention of the whole building is 1.5 billion

Causeway Bay Hopewell Building, the whole auction, CB Richard Ellis Capital Marketing Department senior director Yang Weili said that the building with the value of the building, and has been approved, involving about 4.84 million square feet, the intention of about 1.5 billion yuan, according to batch The area is calculated, the price of about 31,000 yuan. The closing date is July 26th.

He Cheng Building is located in 9 to 11 Leighton Road, is a rare area of ​​the whole building for sale, the lease period of 999 years, the current site of 24-storey, underground and attic for the duplex shops, 1 floor to 22 floor for the office Use, a total construction area of ​​about 47770 square feet, tenants diversified, in addition to the general office users, but also including educational institutions, beauty centers and fitness centers.

Hua Wei even lease sale

Li Jiaxi, director of the property business department, said that the area of ​​C, the area of ​​about 4177 square feet, the intention of about 14 million yuan, about 3350 yuan, Lease sale.

Mr Tong said that Kwun Tong K One East and Chai Wan K One Island were to sell and sell industrial buildings. A total of 134 flats were provided in batches, with the first batch of $ 6800 From the admission of about 462,800 yuan, just 3 days, two projects have been reserved for about 60% of the unit.