Queensport 400 million sold a new high in Kowloon

The recent parking spaces were sought after, regardless of the core area or the New Territories, are recorded parking spaces over the top case, following the Sai Ying Pun Hong Kong peak parking spaces to 5.18 million yuan changed hands, your absolute parking spaces. West Kowloon luxury monarch of the world a parking space, also recorded the first “4 ball" deal.

Land Registry data show that Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon Station Junlin the first floor of the city a single number of parking spaces last month to 4 million yuan change hands, a Jiulong District parking high cost.

Kowloon District on a “parking king", for the big angle mouth Emperor Peak. Royal Palace L1 level single parking spaces, in November last year to as high as 3.98 million yuan to sell.

Lippo unit sold 100 million

Market news revealed that Lippo Center, a low-level 02 room, an area of ​​about 3125 square feet, to 32,000 yuan per square foot change, involving 100 million yuan.

The original owners in July 2015 to 5684.8 million purchase of the site, holding 2 years, the book profit 43,152,000 yuan, the property appreciation of about 75%. Agent said that the unit practical rate of 63.5%.

Lippo Center in May this year recorded a new high turnover, a 41 floor full floor, an area of ​​14104 square feet to 3.37 million per square foot, for the new high.

City to purchase million tiles four

Billion King opened the Kwun Tong Pioneer Street Wan Tai Lee Plaza, 4th floor, priced at 560 million yuan, the buyer for the Hong Kong City University, an area of ​​about 47130 square feet, an average of 11,882 yuan per square foot.