Bureau of Statistics: Entity economic vitality is increasing Private investment in the first five months of this year

The National Bureau of Statistics on the 14th in the State Council Information Office held a press conference, press spokesman Liu Aihua will be the May national economic situation in the “overall stable, steady and good" character summarized, and said the current Chinese economy presents four characteristics, That is, production and demand stability, employment continued to improve, prices rose more moderate and improved balance of payments. Among them, private investment in private assets increased by 6.8% from January to May, and the investment in private investment was expected to be further released as the investment capacity of enterprises increased. Over the same period, the town of nearly 600 million new jobs, completed the beginning of more than half of the target.

Ta Kung Pao reporter Tan Xiao Beijing reported

Data show that from January to May fixed asset investment growth than in January-April down 0.3 percentage points. Liu Aihua pointed out that 8.6% of the growth level is not low, and 8.1% annual growth rate is still growing over the same period, with the capital side and the new project situation has gradually improved, the steady growth of investment momentum can be continued The She pointed out that the structural point of view, manufacturing investment growth accelerated slightly, 1-5 month than 1 – April to accelerate 0.2 points in May month growth of 5.9%, faster than last month 2.7 percentage points, showing the physical economic vitality is Enhanced. The high investment in infrastructure has come down, but remains 20.9%.

Significant improvement in business efficiency

January-May private investment grew 6.8%, although the growth rate higher than the same period last year, but the first four months down 0.1 percentage points. Liu Aihua said that this year, the real economy, especially the significant improvement in business efficiency, improve business investment and investment expectations. The key is to find the starting point for private investment growth rate out of the lower state, the investment space, the potential release.

Supply side, production remained stable: May above-scale industrial added value increased 6.5%, service industry production index increased 8.1%, and April was flat. Demand, the total retail sales of social consumer goods in May increased by 10.7%, as the main engine to stimulate economic growth, domestic demand remained stable. January-May investment growth of 8.6%, compared with January-April slightly slowed down. External demand, exports in May increased by 15.5%, 1.2 percentage points higher than last month.

Employment, the first five months of urban employment to achieve 599 million, an increase of 22 million over the same period last year, has completed the beginning of the government work report to develop the 11 million target 54.4%. At the same time, the urban unemployment rate in May and the urban survey unemployment rate in 31 major cities were below 5%. Prices, the May CPI rose modestly, up 1.5%, up 0.3 percentage points from the previous month, remove the energy and food prices after the core CPI rose 2.1%.

Foreign reserves rebounded for four consecutive months

Balance of payments, imports and exports in May have accelerated, the trade surplus of 281.6 billion yuan, although narrowed, but overall to maintain a surplus. Foreign exchange reserves rebounded for four consecutive months, reaching $ 305.36 billion at the end of May. The RMB exchange rate is basically stable.

The first five months of this year, China’s real estate development investment of about 3.76 trillion yuan, up 8.8% year on year growth rate, the growth rate than the previous four months down 0.5 percentage points. Over the past three months to accelerate the growth rate of investment continued to decline. The decline in real estate investment is mainly affected by multi-round real estate control policies. For many months the real estate turnover fell, capital costs gradually transferred to the real estate investment.

Sub-sectors to see the first five months of private investment growth rate *

Transportation equipment manufacturing 75.2 billion ↑ 4.9%

Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery 526.7 billion ↑ 14.9%

Energy and water production and supply 3711 billion ↑ 7.2%

Electronic equipment manufacturing 279 million ↑ 29.4%

RMB Source: National Bureau of Statistics