20 years to sell more than 70 million partners 400 billion

(01113), in the past 20 years for the Hong Kong property market dedicated to help many people “up" to do the owners, during the period sold more than seven (Reporter Liang Yingxian reported: return to Hong Kong for 20 years, as the leading development of real estate (01113) Million people suction gold 400 billion yuan.

Cheung Kwong, executive director of Cheung Kong, said that since 1997, more than 70,000 residential units have been sold in Hong Kong over the past 20 years, with a total cash of $ 400 billion. Like the year 97 years after the big city, its Tai Kok Tsui Kai Fan Xuan on the car is only one hundred million dollars, then the highest peak year to sell 7000 people, with property prices soaring, a unit of the same area also rose to Millions of dollars, the direct push up the Group’s income, excluding the sales of paper late, or else each year to maintain a steady income of 200 to 30 billion yuan.

Over the past 20 years, property prices soared at the same time, land prices also rising non-stop, Zhao Guoxiong frankly difficult in recent years, “land", land prices to a high point, real estate has been non-profiteering industry, profit as before, if the profit is minimal, The