The auction house with push 22 shares of silver master the most this year

property prices epilepsy rose, the owners took the opportunity to add crazy by the cash, and ultimately by explosive pots lost silver master disk. Tseung Kwan O Hau Ming Court, shocked a group of “23 press" units, as in recent years plus the largest on the plate. At the same time, loyalty auction house for a total of four weeks a total of 46 units, of which 22 accounted for, that is, more than half of the silver master, the number of this month to the largest month.

HOS flock “23 press" silver master

The news pointed out that the Tseung Kwan O Hao Ming Court A low-level 13 rooms, practical 489 square feet, has been the main silver plate, is now linked to 5 million yuan of land prices, real money about 10225 yuan. According to the Land Registry, two original owners entered the market with a total of 282,900 yuan in 1990, which was provided by the bank with 90% of the mortgage. After 2006, the owners increased their business units, including Sun Hung Kai Financial, Asia Joint Finance and Hong Kong Industry capital and so on, has increased by 22 times, the amount of borrowing from 50,000 to 1.3 million yuan, involving a total loan amount of 3.94 million yuan, and one of the owners at the end of last year has been bankrupt. Together with the press, this unit involved a total of “23 press" records, breaking the Lai Chi Kok Habitat Lai Hing Court “17 press" record, as in recent years plus the largest on the plate.

Li Dongcun green watch price of 1.43 million change hands

The current silver master disk has increased the trend, according to loyalty auction house information, 14 to 28 this month, the bank for a total of four weeks a total of 46 units unit auction, of which 22 groups for the silver master, more than 52% Including private buildings, private housing estates, single buildings, half-flats and bungalows. Loyalty auction general manager Zheng Shijie said that the market’s silver master does increase the trend, the company launched a single month 22 shares of silver master auction, also the largest number of months this year.

Silver main disk emerged, Fanling Center also burst two silver master disk. News that the Fanling Center F Block 02 high-level, practical 513 square feet, the main silver to 6 million sale, about $ 11696 per square foot; another group for the middle of Fanling Center L Block 05, practical 365 square feet, silver The bid price of 4.3 million yuan, about 11,781 yuan per square foot price.

In addition, the US interest rate is expected to heat up, there are owners of low-cost selling only earned. Q room network senior business manager Huang Shaoyun said, Ap Lei Chau Lidong Village Dongxing floor middle 01 room, practical 296 square feet, open space, to 1.43 million yuan green watch price, real about 4831 yuan. Data show that Lee Dong Village this year, four records of green table transactions, real size 5672 to 7146 yuan range, the same middle-level units at the beginning of this year, the price of 5952 yuan, in other words, the price of this transaction than the beginning of the year but also 19% The