Zhao Guoxiong praised the activation plant plan the brain

The developer is of particular interest in the implementation of housing and land policy after the new officers have been playing. Cheung Kong Real Estate (01113) praised the Chief Executive Officer Lin Zhengyue implementation of the activation plant plan is very timely, can immediately release a large number of commercial supply to meet the urgent needs. And she took office after the administration of great expectations.

Recent property prices, land prices soaring, the property market frenzy, officials are highly concerned about housing governance. In fact, as a developer, it is particularly sensitive to the housing administration of the new Chief Executive. However, Mr Cheng did not formally perform his duties. However, the relevant policies he had earlier pursued were endorsed by the industry.

Chang real executive director Zhao Guoxiong pointed out that the increase in land supply can be considered more than two aspects, one by changing the land use and increase the volume rate.

As the revitalization of the live chemical plant program is very timely, it will immediately increase the long-term supply of tight commercial land. The activation process will certainly comply with environmental protection, fire and construction regulations. Second, the Government should discuss with the concerned parties to speed up the redevelopment of old districts, change the use of brown land, and relax the floor area rate, but also provide a large supply of land.

For the policy objective of the future five years of the forest, Mr Zhao stressed that Mrs Lau was “capable of doing so" and that when the Administrative Officer was also a servant of life for Hong Kong housing, There is hope for his term of office.