Arc de Triomphe 3 housing price of 36,000 new high

luxury residential transactions, the Arc de Triomphe a 3-bedroom units recently sold to 36,800,000 yuan, 36,000 yuan per square foot, is the same unit of new high-foot price.

According to the news, the triumphant door of the high-level E room, practical area of ​​1,010 square feet, within the landscape, just to 36,800 yuan transfer hands, the effective area of ​​36,436 yuan per square foot. The original owner in 2011 to 24.3 million yuan to purchase units, the book is easy to book profit 12.5 million yuan, earn 51%. In addition, the West Kowloon Tin Yuk Tin Seal Center, Level E, also sold for $ 28 million, covers an area of ​​831 sq ft and a utility price of $ 33,694. The property was bought at $ 19.07 million in 2009 and the book profit was 8,900 Yuan, earned 47%.

Wei Feng Park low level sql sale 30368

The real estate area is 1,113 sq ft and is priced at $ 33.8 million. The price is $ 30,368. The data show that the property was purchased in 1992 at $ 6.475 million for 15 years. 2,734.3 million, the appreciation of more than 4 times.

Centaline Property Manager Chen Jiarong said, Ho Man Tin Mid-Levels One 15 low-rise households, the practical area of ​​1,506 feet, is a four-bedroom double suite units, and 174 feet platform, just to 26 million yuan change hands, the effective area of ​​17,264 yuan per square foot. Agent refers to the new buyers because the unit has a platform, and the price is reasonable, so the purchase of self-occupied.

Sunrise Kancheng capital foot price of 13,000 yuan high, the Central Plains real estate sub-district business manager Wu Jinji pointed out that the housing 5 high-level RB room, the practical area of ​​519 square feet, is a two-room interval, zero price of 6.8 million yuan to sell, Foot price of 13,102 yuan a new high price of housing prices. Another member of the Ridge Court Branch, Mr Leung King-yan, pointed out that the 8-storey high-rise C-room, with a usable area of ​​968 sq ft, had a total height of $ 21,591 at $ 20.9 million.

The market is expected to raise interest rates in the United States, the Central Plains brokerage index CSI fell 2.81 points by week, the latest reported 70.94 points.