At the beginning of the year the target has exceeded the full year Jian Jian 35 billion long six months to absorb the blood of 256 billion king

The government last year for the property market chain spicy, the property market is more spicy epicenter, the helper to the purchasing power to the new plate tilt, with pullers to sell broiler pig into the water. Long real estate (01113) this year, four new debut, disk big harvest field, creating less than six months this year has sold about 1530, smoking about 25.6 billion yuan, 250 yuan than the beginning of the target exceeded, homeopathic increase year goal To 35 billion yuan.

Ta Kung Pao reporter Liang Yingxian

Changguo Executive Director Zhao Guoxiong accepted the “Ta Kung Pao” visit, said the group less than six months this year, a single part of the Hong Kong has sold about 1530 people attracted about 25.6 billion yuan, the overall goal has reached the end of last year or even last year, Sales target, the initial budget transferred to 35 billion yuan, and ultimately depends on its real estate approval for the progress of pre-sale of uncompleted.

Jia Shan Street and Repulse Bay House waiting

Zhao continued to say that before the end of the deployment of three debut. Tsuen Wan Sea Love 1 sale, there are hundreds to the corner, the group decided to push the new phase of the sea in advance love. The sale of the sale has been submitted to the partners MTR (00066) and the West Rail, the whole 1436 group will push or retain some of the year to sell next year, pending two weeks to implement the hammer.

And the development of the Urban Construction Bureau of the Central Jiashan Street project to be pre-sale; another Repulse Bay independent villa project also have the opportunity to be in the year, is currently pending approval of the project, the project 11 rooms, practical about 5000 to 6000 Square feet

As for the Peak Po Road project and the sunrise Cannes eight fastest to sell next year.

US interest rates soon, there are remarks that there are before the end of a number of rate hike. Zhao Guoxiong that the United States is indeed a great opportunity to raise interest rates, but the rate of increase and the speed will not be too hasty, interest rate news has been for many years, the market has been digested, then talk about interest rate “out”, expected interest rate factors have little effect on the property market The Zhao is expected this year, the property market continues to develop steadily, of course, there will be down, and the current property market is reflected in economic performance, do not see a decline factor.

New land sold for sale 1,700% sales of king

The occasion of the property market era, a number of developers selling bumper harvest. Xinti (00016) this year to sell Nanchang station Xi Xi fire speed to sell more than 970, together with Yuen Long Grand YOHO 2 and Tuen Mun Po Yu, temporarily sold more than 1700, cash more than 20 billion yuan, and Chang Shi Ying sales and suction gold king.

In addition, the New World (00017) in the first half of the temporary push three, including Tsuen Wan Bayao Bay and Kwong Shui Wan proud to raise the field, with pull out the group not enough for half a year to sell more than a thousand sets of more than $ 11.5 billion; More than 950 people attracted 10 billion yuan. Henderson (00012) during the sale of more than 700 sets of suction gold 10 billion yuan.