Long six months to sell more than 25 billion annual target

Evergreen real estate (01113) in the first half of the sale of more than 25 billion yuan, more than the annual sales target, so the sales target raised to 35 billion yuan, including the love of Tsuen Wan • Love-hyun will accelerate the deployment of the sale within the month, Involving more than 1,400 guys.

Last year, by the sale of paper approval slow down the sale of the Cheung Kong, in the first half of this year to Yong, the sale of North Point Victoria Harbor and Tsuen Wan Sea Love 1, in Hong Kong total accumulated 1,530, cash more than 25.6 billion yuan, phase Compared with the same period last year, 30 billion yuan, up 7 times, also more than last year, more than the amount of cash, more than the annual sales target.

Zhao Guoxiong: love the United States part of the push next year

Evergreen executive director Zhao Guoxiong said that the amount of sales increased since last year approved the sale of paper for the project is not much, the introduction of fewer units, and this year the property market stability, sales ideal, will increase the annual sales target to 350 The plan is to be sold this year, including Tsuen Wan Sea Love, Love and Beauty, Central Jia Shan Street Project and Southern District Repulse Bay Road Project.

Love in the sea • Love-hyun was not originally announced in the beginning of the Group to push the plan, but after the approval of the sale of paper, also accelerated the deployment of the sale within the month, the project provides about 1,436 groups. Mr Zhao said that some of the flats would be sold in the next year to ensure a stable sale of proceeds. The Central Jiabing Street Project, which was co-operated with the URA, was pending approval of the pre-sale consents.

Repulse Bay Road project gradually push not sell

As for the Repulse Bay Road project, there are 11 houses with an area of ​​5,000 to 6,000 square feet. Zhao Guoxiong described, the district price of 10 yuan, 80,000 yuan, belong to the “big single" high-quality projects, will be gradually sold, in no hurry to launch.

China’s high-priced land, long real investment in recent years, less land, last year, for example, only cast a Sha Tin nine belly Road land, involving 244,000 square feet of floor.

Zhao Guoxiong said the Group has sold more than 70,000 units in the past 20 years, with a total of $ 400 billion, an average of $ 20 billion to $ 30 billion a year. The future sale of units is reduced, but due to rising property prices, the proceeds of the sale will remain in the next few years Able to maintain stability.

Mr Zhao stressed that the most important thing for real estate developers is to maintain the steady annual turnover, rather than the amount of land and farmland reserves. It is indeed more difficult than ever to buy land. However, it is necessary to buy a reasonable profit. I am sure that the real estate industry is not profiteering , Because of the high transparency of the market, the competition and the high price of land. “The profits of the present (selling the floor) must be as good as a few decades ago."

As for the first half of the property price increase has more than 1 percent, Zhao Guoxiong that the second half of the property prices will remain stable, during which there will be high and low fluctuations, but the expected increase in property prices at about 10% level.