Within the room 600 million stake in Hongan Yau Tong project

(00,884) shares Hongan real estate (01243) Yuntang four mountain street commercial and commercial projects to 660 million yuan to buy half of the equity.

The project is expected to total investment of 3 billion yuan, will build 272,000 square feet of commercial and commercial projects.

The project is 13 and 15 square meters, an area of ​​about 40,000 square feet, is currently “residential (E)” use, the early years by the City Council approved the reconstruction of two high-rise residential and base shopping malls, Surface area of ​​about 272,000 square feet, but due to land premium problems and has been unable to reach an agreement with the Government.

Xu Hui first to participate in Hong Kong business projects

The project was originally developed by Acer, and will now sell 50% of the equity interest of HK $ 660 million to Xu Hui (HK $ 368 million in 2009) and $ 4,886 per square meter of floor price. Hong An real estate chief executive officer Huang Yaoxiong said, for the cooperation with Xu Hui was honored.

Xu Hui, headquartered in Shanghai, has been deployed as early as the beginning of this year, including the purchase of the Stanley Chung Hom Kok Road project to Shun Tak (00242) for $ 1.5 billion, for a total of five houses, which will be the first to be involved in development projects.

According to the developer pointed out that the project is expected to total investment of about 3 billion yuan, is currently preparing the project foundation project is expected to be completed in 2020, mainly to provide 2 rooms and 3 households.

Large family holding 33.72 million purchase of Sham Shui Po old building

The other side of the car, located in Shenzhen, the first branch of Hong Kong for the first time to come to Hong Kong for the acquisition of the old building. According to the EPRC Economic Real Estate Library, there are eight acquisitions, including four separate units and four sub-leases, with a total purchase price of about RMB 33.72 million, with a purchase price of about 6.3 million To 6.8 million yuan, sub-unit purchase price of about 200 million.

Owned assets of about 300 billion yuan, subsidiaries, including Shenzhen listed Han’s laser, and Yunfeng investment, in addition to the mainland, but also in Australia, the United States and other places have real estate development projects.