Jinzhong Lippo Center midfielder made 32,000

Market information, said the middle of the middle of the Zhongyin Lippo Center 02, an area of about 3,125 square feet, about 100 million yuan turnover, about 32,000 yuan per square foot, the unit is about 46 yuan, the rate of return of only 1.7%.

It is understood that the original owners in 2015, to 56.64 million yuan to purchase units in the Murray Road parking lot when the tender to 30,000 yuan per foot on sale, and the land to achieve the desired results, the owners increase to 32,000 yuan price increase About 7%, and ultimately to 100 million yuan to sell, holding two years profit of about 43.16 million yuan, the property appreciation of about 76%.

The other news, Tsim Sha Tsui Lippo Sun Plaza, 02 to 03 rooms, an area of about 2,306 square feet, to about 36.89 million yuan change hands, about 16,000 yuan per square foot.

Last week, the Beijing-Hong Kong market was sold for a total of about 47,130 square feet and a total investment of about $ 560 million. The buyers were Hong Kong City University and bought for floor use.