Spotlight: hire a defective structure or a heavy loss

In recent years, land prices have landed, even the agricultural land has a price of the city. According to the Land Registry, the three mentioned agricultural land, the current owners of the purchase price of about one million to 1.6 million yuan, real estate brokers told reporters that the owners claim to be “stealing chicken" to build Structure, it will be more than three million yuan resale, so that the relevant farmland phase change “value". But without the knowledge of the buyer or tenant, at any time due to illegal structures and suffered heavy losses.

Yuen Long District Council Member and Member of the Legislative Council

Reporters have returned to Yuen Long water farmland farmland, happened to meet the nearby tenants. “The people were stupid!" The tenants said to reporters that they had rented the container house in the vicinity of the farmland, but found that they were illegal construction. They indicated that the Lands Department indicated to the landowners , They were going to be cleared in the middle of October, and “I was going to go down hundreds of thousands of miles." They also pointed out that the land visited by journalists was also farmland, field.

Members are urged to enforce law

Yuen Long District Council Member and Member of the Legislative Council, Miss Lu Chung-hung (pictured) criticized that many landowners in Yuen Long would take legal loopholes and illegally build structures on agricultural land to seek unreasonable benefits. He said that the relevant departments of the Government should Agricultural land violations, to strengthen law enforcement.