Lin Yiming 838 million purchase of parking spaces

The recent parking lot buoyant, frequently registered celebrities into the market, earlier Central Bank of America Central Bank parking spaces to 8,388 million change hands, it is learned that the buyer for the famous financial analyst Lin Yiming.

According to the Land Registry, Jia Fung Asia Limited on the first day of this month, to 8,388,000 yuan to purchase the Central Bank of China Center on the fourth floor of the parking spaces, an average of 4.11 million yuan, the company director of the forest Yiming and Ma Xiaozhen.

Lin Yiming has been active in the stock market for many years. He is good at analyzing the trend, including the strong forecast of Hong Kong stocks in 2009 and the expected rebound in the Hang Seng Index in April and April. It is known as the new generation Wave master. The original owners of the parking spaces bought the two parking spaces at $ 2.1 million a year and nearly tripled in six years and made $ 6.28 million.

Midland Commercial Business Director Luo Zhongying said the parking lot market value of about 5,000 to 5,500 yuan to Lin’s purchase price calculation, expected to return about 1.6%.