Viking Technology Business Center full range of 22.2 million Gu

Although the supply of land premium for commercial use, the appreciation potential increased significantly, but the supply is very small, so every offer can quickly get the market to undertake, the United States and Commerce and Industry Chen Lemin said the market recorded Kwai Chung The property is approximately 4,635 sq ft and traded at $ 20.2 million, or about $ 4,358 per sq ft.

Jiahu parking more than 1.16 million owners

Chen Le Min continued that the Victoria Science and Technology Business Center is a property and property, and the original owner of the unit as early as 2006 has been repaid $ 450,000 for the property premium, the use of commercial, so the appreciation potential is better than the general property, Adjacent to the Hong Kong Science and Technology Business Center Kwaihui Industrial Building, the market price of about three thousand yuan, while the Jin Fu Industrial Building, the level of foot price is only about two thousand yuan, we can see the land premium property appreciation, Successfully outperformed the market. In fact, since the property can be used for commercial purposes, the market value of the rent is also high, up to about 15 yuan level, the new buyers can enjoy a rent of about 4.1% return.

In addition, the United Business Liu Zhiwei said, Tsim Sha Tsui West Salisbury Road on the 3rd star line high-level 10 units, the unit area of ​​about 920 square feet, is about 22 million yuan to sell, equivalent to about 23,900 yuan per square foot. It is reported that the site units will be sold in Kyrgyzstan, the new buyers can choose to buy or rent, the current building price per square foot of the rent of about 45 yuan, if the current owner of the price, the new buyers can enjoy about 2.3 Rent return. According to statistics, the Seaview unit is currently targeting foot prices ranging from about 24,000 to 25,000 yuan, the site unit is the market price of low foot level.

In addition, the Central Plains real estate Masi said, Tin Shui Wai Kerry Lake parking spaces and then break the market, the market recently recorded Lihuju double parking spaces to 1.168 million yuan to buy, while the original owners in 2010 to 33 million Purchase, holding 7