Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza to spend 600 million to complete the optimization

Hang Lung (0101) recently completed a large-scale asset optimization program to celebrate Shanghai’s Hang Lung Plaza. More than 2,000 guests, senior management, business partners and investors from several international brands were invited to attend the party. Hang Lung real estate chairman Chen Qizong said that the mainland has become the largest luxury consumer spending a single market, and Shanghai’s Hang Lung Plaza coincides with the rising momentum. Its large-scale optimization program, both inside and outside the long-term positive benefits, the square can be expected for the rich young elite and unique taste of life talent, bring luxury shopping experience. According to statistics, Hang Lung this time to spend 600 million yuan renovation of Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza, the total floor area of ​​more than 270,000 square meters.

Rogers said he held a lot of dollars, because the next few years, if the world economy out of the way, we will find a safe haven, and that the dollar is such a safe haven. However, Roche pointed out that in fact the dollar is not, and he holds the second currency is the yuan, because in the crisis, the yuan relative to other currencies, the depreciation rate will be smaller. He said that if the dollar appreciated, the yuan devaluation and can be completely free convertible, then it will sell dollars, buy the yuan, he will not sell the yuan. He still said, optimistic about the Chinese stock market, will not sell any one of China’s stock.

Beijing Municipal Committee, deputy mayor Chen Jining said recently, to ensure that Beijing’s housing prices in 2017 did not increase, continue to do real estate regulation and control work. In April this year, the city announced the increase in land supply, including the next five years the city plans to supply residential land 6,000 hectares, an average of 1,200 hectares to protect the demand for 1.5 million housing construction. Chen stressed that we should vigorously promote the housing supply side of the reform, establish and improve the real estate market to promote the smooth and healthy development of long-term mechanism, we must do a good job for the land.