Leadership sales of non-core properties

Last year in April, Nie Ya-lan took over the term of office expired Su Zhaoming as the leader of the real estate fund (00823) chairman of the post, more than a year in the past, Nie Yalun interview with this newspaper said that the interests of stakeholders, and the company’s property management to World-class level, he became the two major challenges since taking office. For the protests of the outside world, Nie Ya Lun Ji to communicate, understand and improve to create value for the parties, and the company will continue to maintain the sale of non-core property strategy.

Leader Nie Yalun said that balancing the interests of stakeholders, and the company’s property management to a world-class level, is the two major challenges since taking office. (Zhu Jin presented)

Listed for eleven years of the annual shareholders of the General Assembly outside the door, there are groups from all parties petition. Nie Yalun said that the understanding of their demands, that there are many political disputes, one of the ultimate problem, that is, by the government operating malls or private companies operating malls better. He said, “there was a lot of opposition to the market, but the government received $ 20 billion from the financing, and the current market value of the market has reached $ 130 billion, which is clearly more successful by the leader in the operation of shopping malls."

Rent accounted for only 12% of business

“The creation of these values ​​can not be achieved by rent alone, but by creating a good business environment to help businesses," Nie Yalun said, rents rose for many years in the past, but the rents accounted for business business has been maintained at an average of 12% , At a very reasonable level, showing that business has grown.

For the allegations of driving away small businesses, Nie Yalun said that whenever the refurbished shopping malls, 75 to 80% of tenants will continue to rent, the remaining left not rent, may be because the family members do not want to go on, “of course not rule out the business There is a disagreement in the show, but the business is in the middle of us.

In his words “Chairman’s Message", Nie Yalun wrote, “convinced that economic value and social value can go hand in hand," he said in his visit that he had been laughed at this sentence. Some topics such as floating parking spaces, outsourced markets, etc. are still criticized, but he said that since taking office with shareholders, tenants, customers, and even non-customers such as talk, by absorbing different views to continue to improve.

In June last year, the exhibition halted the sale of shopping malls and made a review of the relevant strategies. Nie Yalun said he and management heard a lot of opinions, but most of the views are not aimed at selling the store itself, but people think that the leadership will be like the government has been operating the mall down.

The consortium’s property portfolio information

To increase profits to increase shareholder distribution

After the review, the company decided to maintain the strategy of selling non-core properties. And for the goal of world-class property management, Nie Ya Lun Ji show through a number of strategies, including the sale, mergers and acquisitions, property development, to create more value. And ultimately to enhance profits, increase shareholder distribution.