Xindi 14th Township Project Tim Elder House Element

Xindi 14th Township Project Tim Elder House Element

Mr. Kwok Kei-fai, executive director of Sun Hung Kai Properties (00016), said that the population of Hong Kong is aging and there is demand for elderly housing. It is believed that it can be integrated into the development of large estates. The project of its 14 townships in Sai Kung, Sai Kung Road is very large. After the study in the Christmas period, it was decided to join. The elder housing element can be designed as a low-rise residential building for the elderly, and the middle and upper floors are general housing for the owners to take care of the elders living separately.

Guo Jihui said that there is a reference to the Dana Mountain Elderly Housing Project in the North Point of the Housing Society. He thinks that the project is “how well done" and believes that the new land can provide similar supply. However, the Danahshan Project has government subsidies and subsidies for land premiums to operate at a more attractive rent. The general developers will develop in the same way without any land premiums. The rent level is unlikely to be so attractive. The operation will be Encounter difficulties.

The Xisha Road project involves more than 9,000 people, and it takes 8 to 10 years to develop. Mr Kwok pointed out that the ageing of the population is a problem for the high- and low-income people. The new land is not an elderly service. The elderly housing estates are suitable for those who are not inconvenienced, do not want or have no need to live in residential care homes, have savings and think " The elders who live in the fines may be sold rather than rented. Since they were only preliminary ideas, they were not finalized.

Shen Jian 9500 gangs get green light

The entire 14th Township project covers an area of ​​about 74.84 hectares, which is close to the size of four Victoria Parks. In 2017, SHKP completed a land premium of about 15.992 billion yuan to the Lands Department. It is the largest case of farmland premium in Hong Kong. Last year, Xindi applied to the Town Planning Board to relax the development density of the project. The residential floor area increased from about 4.28 million square feet to about 5.793 million square meters to build 46 16- to 31-storey residential buildings. It turned out that the number of 4,930 people increased to 9,500 units.

The Town Planning Board will discuss the development proposals on Friday (18th). The Planning Department considers that the new development plan is in line with the planning intention and does not oppose the application. This means that the new land application will relax the development density and obtain a chance to obtain the Town Planning Board. The green light is passed, and it is expected that the new floor will need to be replenished.