Nanfeng Kai Dedi 60,000 Floors Shenjian Hotel

Nanfeng Kai Dedi 60,000 Floors Shenjian Hotel

Nanfeng is the commercial landlord of No. 2, Zone 1F, Kai Tak. It will submit an optimization plan to the City Planning Board. It will use about 60,000 square feet of floor space for hotel development. It is expected to provide about 73 wine rooms. The total development area remained unchanged at approximately 1.91 million square feet.

Construction of two commercial buildings last year

In 2017, Nan Fung won the No. 2 Commercial/Hotel Land in 1F District of Kai Tak for more than $24.6 billion. Last year, two commercial buildings were approved, including a 48-storey main building, which was partially developed in the east and west. A two-storey building is used as a retail strip. The new scheme has 47 floors (including 4 floors) for the main building, one less than the original approved scheme.

In addition, the project was originally planned to be used in the basement of the main building to the 700,000 square feet of the 7th floor for retail and other restaurants, while the remaining floors involved about 1.172 million square feet reserved for office use, but the new proposal will mainly The middle office floor, which was originally about 4 stories in the west, was changed to join the development of hotel elements, involving about 60,000 square feet to build 73 hotel rooms, with an average area of ​​about 822 square feet. It is expected that the landscape will be in the future. The river is dominated by the area. As for the floor space for retail and public vehicle terminus, it will maintain 700,000 and 41,000 square feet respectively.

The applicant mentioned that the proposed application will promote the project to develop as a landmark office, hotel, retail and transportation hub, which will enhance the regional landscape facilities and connect with neighboring pedestrians without adversely affecting the environment. The project is expected to be completed as soon as possible in 2023.