New Chaohao Rentals Targeting Mainland Guests

New Chaohao Rentals Targeting Mainland Guests

Although the Government has launched a number of hotspots to curb mainland buyers coming to Hong Kong to buy flats, the impact of mainland visitors on the Hong Kong flats has not subsided. New World (00017) Tsim Sha Tsui service housing K11 ARTUS (Functional Building) started to rent, 3 flats monthly rent Up to 320,000 yuan, the target source is aimed at mainland rich tenants.

Luxury home rentals

According to the wisdom of the traditional property market, the monthly rent is 320,000 yuan, and the monthly salary of the tenant is at least 700,000 yuan or more. It is indeed not affordable for ordinary wage earners. The agent in the district pointed out that the developer is mainly targeting mainland visitors, and has already produced a simplified version of the leaflet.

It is understood that the high-speed rail opening effect and the implementation of the Dawan District Programme have made the flow of contacts between Hong Kong and Hong Kong more frequent. The demand for property in Hong Kong has been rising. The number of tenants in the new luxury residential areas in Tsim Sha Tsui and Kowloon Station has the largest proportion of visitors from the Mainland. . Some agents said that the current luxury rental market with a monthly rent of over $200,000 has more than 50% of the mainland’s customers. At present, the tenants of the Four Seasons Exchange are not lacking in the Mainland.

In fact, according to a survey report, there are 373 billionaires in China in 2018, accounting for one-fifth of the global total, and billionaires are the fastest growing in the world, with an average of two billionaires a week.

Top-level duplexes are not priced, more expensive

According to the profile of K11 ARTUS, there are only 7 three-bedroom units with an area ranging from 1,653 to 1,921 square feet. Only 4 of them are expected to have a sea view. Only a few mainland Chinese can rent out. All units, so 3 yuan monthly rent of 320,000 yuan is not impossible. It is understood that the project has three top-level sea view duplex garden units with an area of ​​3,042 to 3,703 square feet. The developer has not announced the rent level for the time being. I believe that the rent for serviced houses will be further pushed up in the future.