Yuen Long Exchange Lottery Amendment A total of 57 cases involving more than 6,000 units

Yuen Long Exchange Lottery Amendment A total of 57 cases involving more than 6,000 units

Land premium is one of the sources of land supply. The Director of Lands, Mr Chan Siu-ching, said that it is handling 57 land exchange and lease amendments in Yuen Long District, involving more than 6,000 flats, equivalent to more than 4 annual land supply targets. to make.

In the Yuen Long District Council meeting yesterday, the department has handled about 824 applications in the Yuen Long Area, the small building applications commonly known as “Ding Wu" and 308 applications for redevelopment of village estates. A grant of documents and 376 exemption certificates.

Land Department to crack down on illegal building

In recent years, developers have actively collected agricultural land in Yuen Long District and applied for conversion into residential projects through land premiums. Chen Songqing revealed that the 57 land exchange and amendment contract cases handled by the Department are estimated to provide more than 6,000 people.

New World (00017) has been actively applying for land premiums for eight projects in Yuen Long South and Fanling, covering a total of 1.6 million square feet of floor space, of which about 500,000 square feet have been finalized.

In addition, Cheung Kong (01113) and Far East Development (00035) are also processing the land premium stage for the Yuen Long Fung Lok Wai Wetland and residential projects. They also involve 19 residential buildings and nearly 2,000 flats. Lang District holds the Hesheng project, involving more than 300 houses.

On the other hand, the expansion of squatter flats has been serious in recent years. Mr Chan said that the Department would take the initiative to crack down on illegal building and squatter building cases. After receiving the report, it will also follow up.