West to improve traffic to increase traffic

Since the opening of the MTR, the West Central traffic convenient, the area of ​​industrial and commercial property transactions ideal, expected the district commercial buildings and shops with good prospects.

Hong Kong business center top 18 million sales

The overall commercial transactions to more, recently West Central Asia Building also repeated transactions, individual properties more high-foot high prices. For example, the hotel is only 5 minutes away from the Sai Ying Pun MTR station. The property has recently recorded a deal. It covers an area of ​​01 rooms on the 23rd floor with an area of ​​about 1,186 sq ft and is about $ 15.77 million. Foot price of 13300 yuan, refresh the new high price of the tower.

Another property in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Business Center, adjacent to the Hong Kong University Station, the recent property high 1 to 2 rooms, an area of ​​about 1,582 square feet, to about 18 million yuan, about $ 11,378 per square foot, is also an ideal price. Previously, the owners launched the tender on the 18th floor of the Hong Kong Commercial Center, covering an area of ​​about 11,554 square feet. The intention price is about $ 13,000 and the price will be about $ 150 million. The property will be sold in the form of existing and even tenancy. Harbor view, landscape open. It is learned that during the tender, the plate continued to be a lot of interested buyers bid, the owners are now considering.

Des Voeux Road West old building turnover of 210 million

The atmosphere of the building has improved and the consortium has been deployed to rebuild the property in the district. Former West Wing Desheng Road West 99 and 101 old building, belonging to a 9-storey commercial and residential buildings, in 1962 occupation, the age of about 55 years. According to EPRC economic real estate information, the old building has just recorded 15 transactions, involving 14 residential units, and a shop with loft, a total of about 210 million yuan involved. The purchaser is the Great Honghui Group, which is in front of the old building for the acquisition of the Connaught Road West Lot 96 to 103 for the Group. The purchase of the old building is beneficial to the Group to expand the scale of reconstruction. Mr David Leung said that the above-mentioned old buildings were acquired by the Group in the near future and hold more than 8% of the existing title. They will continue to purchase the remaining title. If they do not succeed, they will apply for a strong film. After the successful reunification of the site, the site area of ​​the redevelopment project will be expanded to 15,000 sq. Ft., With a floor area ratio of 15 times, and a floor area of ​​225,000 sq ft can be built. There are currently two development programs, including redevelopment of pure commercial buildings or Reconstruction of commercial hotels with commercial projects.

West Central Shimei Fei Road shop 11.8 million change hands

As for the shops, the district also appeared in the transaction, the West Shimei Pharma Road No. 43, No. 20 shop, an area of ​​about 700 square feet, to about 11.8 million yuan turnover, the average price of 16,800 yuan per foot, the tenant is a beauty shop And hairstyle house, the rate of return of about 2.8%. The original owner in October 1985 to 434,000 yuan to purchase units, holding about 32 years, the book profit of 11.366 million yuan, the property appreciation of more than 26 times.

Analysis of the past, the relative traffic in West Central traffic is relatively inconvenient, so the industrial and commercial property trading was not booming, and since the opening of the MTR, the West Central and Central from the greatly closer, coupled with convenient traffic, West Central commercial also received attention The According to the current overall commercial and commercial development, while the West is still low water commercial buildings, materials to attract capital inflows. As for the shops, because the hotel has been completed in the district, the flow has increased, so close to the MTR station shops, investors are expected to be favored.