Commercial investment in the fourth quarter focus on

Commercial prices of low-cost water for many years this year, obviously “big fight back", foot prices repeatedly broken, with the United States and Lee land price traded, with commercial high occupancy rate, coupled with abundant capital, the fourth quarter office is still non-residential investment theme.

Industrial and commercial property investment market, the first nine months of the performance of a mafia can be described as thriving, more than one property innovation indicators, and recently the most sensational, is listed companies announced to 738 million yuan, selling the whole floor of the 79th floor of the Central Center. According to the property area of ​​about 13,213 square feet, the average price of $ 55,854 per square foot, breaking the beginning of this year’s Queen’s Road in the 9th foot price of 39,800 yuan to become a new index, and is the first mall price of 50,000 yuan. Looking at the information, the unit last year to about 500 million yuan turnover, a year after the property rose 48%, reflecting a year Jiajia price surge.

Murray Road King to stimulate the price of big counterattack

Commercial building this year into the focus of investment, is a collection of a number of factors, from the investment value, commercial buildings are indeed low water for many years, housing supply due to insufficient demand for property prices continue to rise, and shops and industrial buildings, respectively, Consumption, as well as activation policies led by the price a few years ago. Many properties, only commercial buildings over the years has been a lack of positive factors, several indicators of commercial footings hovering at 20,000 yuan for many years, showing low water. In the investment market, low water properties will always attract capital inflows.

Second, the vacancy rate of commercial buildings is low, so that rents continue upward. According to Jones Lang LaSalle data show that the current vacancy rate of commercial buildings in Hong Kong is only about 5.1%, while the core area of ​​the Central vacancy rate, lower to 2.1%, the lowest vacancy rates for the district, the number of Central Unit of Kyrgyzstan. High occupancy rate, the owners of the natural price is higher, rent up, for the investment of a building made favorable conditions.

Of course, commercial buildings in just a few months within the price of stir up, the United States and Lee Road, high prices have always been the main reason for the transaction. Heng to 50,000 yuan per foot cast into the land, make every floor of the mansion all the land price record, so that the owners have anti-price. In fact, the original is not too many people expect the United States and Lee Road, the price of up to 50,000 yuan, after a transaction, the traditional commercial buildings for the sale of natural, and the sale of the property, nothing more than the letter center, Lippo Center, the Far East Financial Center and the Bank of America Center, excluding the use of self-use units, the sale of the unit is not much money to turn over commercial buildings, so that a few months in a few months,

Layered commercial buildings optimistic about the whole building depends on national policy

In the commercial and commercial transactions, the layered business is more worthy of the United States, the United States and Lee Road, after the transaction, the Golden Bell Li Po Center, Sheung Wan Shun Tak Center, has hit a new target price of foot, and Hong Kong Industrial to 750 million yuan, sold Shun Tak Center Full-size, foot price of 30,000 yuan high innovation, the amount also hit a hierarchical record, showing the investment climate turned hot. Nearly a month, the commercial investment climate spread from Hong Kong to Kowloon, such as Tsim Sha Tsui Yongan Square, last month hit an additional price of 28,000 yuan, a new high building in Kowloon. Compared to the whole building commercial buildings, layered commercial buildings and scattered units involved in silver code is always low, the rate of return of more than 3%, I believe the focus of investment in the fourth quarter.

The other hand, the sale of all commercial buildings, will depend on national policy. Recently, the market recorded a huge sale of commercial buildings, will Wheelock to 9 billion yuan, to sell Kwun Tong 8 Bay East full of commercial buildings to the house green view of China, Kowloon has always been the most expensive commercial buildings, is also the largest hand turnover this year.

But the number of cases alone, this year, the number of full-board transactions less than 2015 to 2016 (not counting the Central Center for the final 40 billion yuan to change hands), then Wan Chai, Hung Hom and other four commercial buildings, were Everbright, Evergrande, China Life and Cheung Qi 4 Chinese-funded institutions to buy, involving more than 30 billion yuan, into a festive story. It is not difficult to find that this year, the number of commercial banks in China has been significantly reduced, more or less related to the Mainland’s financial control.

In June, the market value of 30 billion yuan Causeway Bay Excelsior Hotel tender, the final final bid last month to the location of the property, the whole sea King office, plus the building naming rights, the basic conditions of the whole heart of water, according to informed sources, The tender is a lack of Chinese-funded bidding, how much to reflect the financial control of Chinese companies to act low-key, unless the national policy has changed in the short term, I believe that large-scale purchase of large commercial buildings in China than in previous years.