Tsuen in a single month 2 tarts up to loss of 180,000

In the policy address, the Chief Executive announced that the green housing has been officially constrained. Many industry members believe that the policy constitutes a certain impact on the price floor. The price of the landlord market is recorded in two months. 18 million to leave.

Policy messages impact buyers are vulnerable

It is understood that the Tsuen Wan Center 4 high-rise H room, the practical area of ​​324 square feet, the end of September to 412 million change hands, 12,716 yuan per square foot, is the ideal price. District agency revealed that the landlord suddenly re-put the policy, asking price of 4.15 million yuan, it is estimated that the buyer did not complete the transaction on schedule, to give 100,000 yuan deposit departure, if even the bilateral commission, it is estimated that the buyer lost about 180,000 yuan to leave.

Second, with the housing estates 3 low-level H room, the practical area of ​​324 square feet, only the beginning of this month to 408 million change hands, but the buyer did not sign a formal sale and purchase contract, to give up the loss of more than 10 million deposit. Agents estimate that the unit level is low, the bank is currently estimated at about 3.54 million yuan, it is estimated that buyers eventually give up the transaction because of the mortgage problem.

Li Zhongwei, chief regional manager of the Midland Property, pointed out that the price of the Tsuen Wan Center in the past two months is relatively high, and the buyer’s mood is susceptible to external news. To Tsuen Wai Garden, for example, N high-rise 2 rooms, an area of ​​468 square feet, just to 4.85 million yuan, 10,363 yuan per square foot is a new record high, but still more than the center of Tsuen Wan 12,000 yuan about 14%