Tsuen Wan Long Yi Feng parking half-year appreciation of 35%

Parking spaces have the price of the city, sucking households speculation. According to the Land Registry, the parking spaces on the 6th floor of the Lang Yat-feng parking lot in Tsuen Wan have been redeployed four times and the book has appreciated by 35%.

The parking spaces in March this year by a speculative car dealers to 500,000 yuan to buy, holding a month to 58 million yuan resale, book profit 80,000 yuan. To the beginning of September this year, the investor to 63.5 million repurchase the same parking spaces, holding the goods after 12 days to confirm the identity of the sale, the transaction price of 673,000 yuan, 35% higher than in March this year. That is, the investor half a year into two out of the same parking spaces were a total profit of 118,000 yuan.

On the other hand, the market news revealed that Dongsheng Ying Bay Park double parking spaces, yesterday to 132 million change hands, a higher cost of housing estates. The original owners in 2015 to 700,000 yuan to buy, holding 2 years book appreciation