Small and medium-sized banks to pull the floor down to H + 1.28 PCT

Recently, the interest rate hikes, mortgage competition, followed by large banks to raise cash rebate, the city has a small and medium-sized banks launched low-key low to H plus 1.28%, limited to the loan amount of more than 8 million yuan to buy large Family. Analysis means that the tide is difficult to reproduce.

The threshold of the loan to be more than 800 million

Interest rate fluctuations, yesterday 1 month interest rate rebounded to 0.59% level, the bank did not return to the mortgage business fever. Earlier, two large banks came to individual customers, raising cash rebate to the highest 1.65% to 1.7%, the news that there are two small and medium-sized banks this week, low-key interest rate reduction by H plus 1.35% (actual contribution rate of 1.94 (The actual contribution rate of 1.87%), down 0.07%, but the threshold of the amount of loans to more than 8 million yuan, the cash rebate to maintain a maximum of 1.6%.

If the loan amount of 8 million yuan, the repayment period of 30 years for comparison, the interest rate dropped to H plus 1.28% (actual contribution rate of 1.87%), the buyer monthly contribution will be reduced from 29,330 yuan to 29,052 yuan, month For less 278 yuan, the full interest expense can save 10 million or 4%.

The property market raised cash rebate to the bank

The newspaper reported to two small and medium-sized banks, one of which replied that the bank has been paying attention to the development of the market, from time to time to review the conditions provided to the customer’s mortgage, to provide competitive prices, do not comment on market rumors. The other is to deny.

Since May, the HKMA has launched the 8th round of counter-cyclical measures to suspend bank interest rate hikes. Most banks will raise their interest rates to H plus 1.35% to H plus 1.4%. The ceiling is also reduced by 3.1% from P to P Minus 3% (actual yield of 2.25%). But the property market to the good atmosphere, the individual banks secretly fine-tuning and cash rebate for “test the water temperature", the implementation of low-key grab customers.

It is understood that most of the banks have now reduced their P to 3% by P, which is 2.15%, and will be reduced to H plus 1.3% to 1.38%.

Analysis of the United States to start the table and in December will raise interest rates, the future of Hong Kong interest rate changes in the future, the HKMA on the bank lending regulatory risk more stringent, I believe the bank to cut interest rates are limited. It is understood that, after the “Tips", the remaining one of the largest banks still has a cash rebate of up to 1.7%.