He Wentian KADOORIA logo to be written within the week

The new market is booming and the developers are accelerating the pace. Ho Man Tin KADOORIA deployment week to upload the book, will be sold in the form of tender; Quarry Bay Junhao peak today offer the fastest, driving this month on sale.

5 is the demonstration unit within the month public visit

CITIC Pacific’s Ho Wentian KADOORIA yesterday’s first open project is located in the Queensway CITIC Building’s exhibition hall, the deployment of short-term attack. The project offers a total of 77 partners, ranging from 2 to 4 rooms, of which 3 and 4 housing units to play the main area of ​​1,267 to more than 3,200 square feet range.

CITIC Pacific Property Agent Director Guan Jieying said that the project location, coupled with the supply of scarce areas, it will be more reluctant to sell, plans to tender in the form of sales units, and the price will refer to Hong Kong Island Taiping Mountain, Jardine Mountain and Kowloon special households Transaction, does not rule out the retention of some units for the group to rent.

The project will be uploaded this week, the book will be open within five public demonstration units to the public visit. In order to show the project, developers will arrange a hundred years of British brand Bentley car, shuttle project visitors from Ho Man Tin and CITIC Tower.

And its Ma On Shan drop Wo Sha project has completed the foundation project, expected in the first half of 2019 to launch the form of pre-sale. The project provides about 100 units at intervals of 3 to 4 units.

Jun Hao peak show open to members of the Association

Another new plate Hengti (00012) Quarry Bay Junhao Feng, now open two to the floor of the standard demonstration unit to Hengde members to visit, the fastest day offer, the first involved about 93, the main 2 housing, development Merchants will be the first batch of preferential prices, hope to benefit users.

Hengda business (a) General Manager Lin Damin said that the fastest day offer, within the sale, pricing reference Hong Kong Island six months of the new disk and the same Department of Hanlin Feng, will also consider to provide up to 80% or 8% The

As the Eastern tourists to the main home, the first units will be the main 2-bedroom units, will be the first to offer the first price, to attract the district branch of the family guest.

Sheung Central My Central is over 16.5 times subscription

It is worth noting that the project management fee is converted by the percentage of ownership, the management fee per foot is from 4.18 to 4.91 yuan, the monthly management fee varies from 847 to 2,023 yuan, the maximum management fee for the third floor of Room F, 2,023 per month Yuan, but also the largest platform with the characteristics of households, the unit practical area of ​​412 square feet, while the platform is 586 square feet, more than 4 percent more units

For the Government to launch the first home on the wheel, Lin said that the group of beneficiaries mostly for their own use, but to have a house capacity, investment desire is low, and single-handedly private property source overlap is not high, so not Too worried about the problem of robbing customers.

And Cheung Kong (01113) and the construction of the ring of the Central My Central, today’s first round of the sale of 80, yesterday received about 1,400 votes recorded, over-subscription 16.5 times, do not rule out the late price increase push.

Mr. Shi said that the project location more than 10,000 people visit, depending on the sales progress, have the opportunity to push late, and there is a certain price increase space, is now considered in the second round of sales, the arrangement Some units give priority to the project.

As at the date of the announcement of the new sales arrangement, 30 members will be available for sale to the URA for the project.

In addition, the Meridian mortgage on the ring of Central My Central buyers, set up as low as 25 plus 1.28% mortgage plan to yesterday’s one-month interest rate of 0.59%, the actual contribution rate of 1.87%, the upper limit of P minus 2.15% (P To 5.25%), the loan amount to more than 8 million yuan, cash rebate up to 1.6%. While the Central Plains mortgage also launched the same interest rate plan.