Workers’ Guidance 7 Starts more than 10 million investments

Industry Association, the first start-up business guidance program, seven selected companies held yesterday, to attract more than 10 million yuan investment.

The total number of traditional industries is expected to invest in new technology, but the talent is not enough, the process is complicated, so that through investment, cooperation, and start a new industry start-up companies to create synergies.

At the beginning of the year, the first start-up enterprise guidance program was held. The theme was Internet of Things, and the most potential was selected from nearly 100 start-ups. The instructor was able to teach business skills, actual combat experience and establish a network of contacts for nine months. The first batch of enterprises yesterday to investors to display products, a total of more than 10 million yuan investment.

Yang Qiujie, chairman of the Association of Start-up Enterprises, pointed out that the initial business failed to send Wai, many times because of technical disagreement, but do not understand business, even the use of funds, recruitment, tax treatment, 1,2 wrong decision, Enough to collapse a company. There are many members of the vertical and horizontal shopping malls for many years, is for the start as a mentor, especially manufacturers, can provide manufacturing, production and other support to help products landing.

He also pointed out that the traditional industry to close the price for the guests to do the production, but the finished product can often be several times the profit to sell, if the manufacturers do direct brand sales, you can earn the previous difference. But the old industrial development of new technology products, the face of difficult to ask people, complex procedures and other issues, it can be through investment start, looking for more business opportunities.

Sister school health tea brewing machine

Contact Design Group is one of the start-up, co-founder Li Mingxin, Li Honghui two sisters, in the past engaged in marketing and product design, in the past the main manufacturing coffee machine, see the local herbal tea culture is not climate, think of research and development of intelligent health tea brewing machine.

Li Mingxin pointed out that the tea package by the Chinese medicine and nutritionist team modulation formula, and then ultrasonic technology to pressurize the raw materials, directly into the machine, which can be suitable for water temperature, time brewing.