The government is not convinced that the price of the top of the mountain is unbelievable. The developer is puzzled.

The government launched a tender for the sale of the top-level royal estates in the city under the demise of the city. The Lands Department announced yesterday that the mansions of the mansions of No. 2 to 11 Wenhui Road on the Peak had announced the flow of the tender due to the unsatisfactory bid, and the arrangements for the site would be launched at an appropriate time. In addition to the above-mentioned land, the land of the previous stream is the Yuen Long canopy land launched in 2016. For the government’s reserve price, there are developers who have entered the bidding system and do not explain that “I know how much money to pay first." Reporter: Ye Wei

The land of the landmark was located on the hillside of No. 2 to 11 Wenhui Road on the top of the hill. It was closed on Friday. At that time, there were 5 consortiums, all of which were financially strong, including Dahuasha, including Jiahua (173) and Changshi (173). 1113), Hengdi (012), Xindi (016) and other four consortiums bidding independently, as well as by Wharf (004), New World (017), Nanfeng, Huaying, China Overseas (688) and Xinhe (083) ) The “Trillion Group" consisting of 6 developers bid.

The site of Man Fai Road is a small number of large official sites in the hilltop valuable area. The former site was planned to be residential (Group C). The plot ratio can be 0.5 times. However, the latest plot ratio has increased to 2.1 times, making the development of the floor only 9.47. The number of Wanfang has increased to about 404,000 square meters, and its development potential has increased.

Consortium and government disagree on the property market

Although the scale of the land is in a valuable position, the recent downturn in the stock market has greatly increased the downside risk of the property market. The market has a wide range of valuations for the land, ranging from about 24.2 billion to a maximum of 48.5 billion yuan. From 60,000 to 120,000 yuan, the consortium’s bid did not reach the government’s reserve price, reflecting the fact that the consortium and the government have certain differences in the development of the property market.

One of the members of the trillion-dollar consortium, Wing Cang’s parent company, Wheelock (020) Vice Chairman Liang Zhijian said that the land investment was based on market conditions, but “the government (speaking) is selling at a price, and the right to blame, I I know that a few dollars will come first." He stressed that the bid was “a big chance to win (winning bid)" and felt “seriously disappointed" at the end of the final bid.

He pointed out that the government would ask the appraiser to estimate the land before the tender, but there were several weeks during the announcement of the tender to the tender closing period, during which the market fluctuated, causing the developer’s bid to differ from the government’s valuation. Asked if it is bleak, he said that “the tenders are all bleak, some people are good, at least I will be stunned!"

In addition to the use of land on the top of the mountain, in recent years, the Government has cancelled the sale of land for three times because the price is lower than the reserve price. It has removed two sites, such as the Yuen Long Ditch Land and Tsing Yi Xi Shan Road. The last more indicative target site was Tai Po Bai Stone. Jiaoke Road was tendered at the beginning of 2014. After the bidding, the tender was re-launched in November of the same year, and it was finally won by Yijing.

Twelve Peaks, No. 12, Jialishan Road, Xindi (016), a hilltop mansion, recently launched the No. 15 house and tendered for 6 hours on the following day. The 4 bedroom large house has a saleable area of ​​3,731 sq. ft., with 1,802 sq ft garden and 719 sq ft roof, with private pool and two parking spaces.