T.O.P, a new shopping mall in Mong Kok

The new shopping mall of Mong Kok (00823) has been trialing since June. TOP brand creative director Huang Duanhua said in an exclusive interview with the newspaper that he is satisfied with the flow of people and is optimistic that the traffic volume in the fourth quarter of this year can be increased compared with the previous quarter. 15%.

In addition, the mall will strengthen technology applications, do data analysis and promote O2O (Online to Offline, online to offline) sales.

Huang Duanhua said that he is satisfied with the traffic flow of the mall from trial to date. About 80% of the stores have already opened, and it is expected to increase to 90% next month. TOP is targeted at local consumers aged between 25 and 35. For those shopping malls targeting young people in Mong Kok, Huang believes that new stimuli are needed to attract people. “The people coming to Mong Kok are usually not all day. Going to a shopping mall, there is a sense of freshness in eating, buying, and playing."

20 restaurants to introduce personalized clothing merchants

T.O.P has the largest proportion of restaurants and restaurants, and 80% of the 20 restaurants in the market are the first to open in Hong Kong. Huang Duanhua said that restaurants are an important part of the customer experience and are expected to bring freshness to customers. In the clothing store, it is important to introduce some personalized merchants, such as merchants to launch customized T-shirt printing services.

As the merchants in the market continue to open, the mall expects to strengthen customer experience and use technology to drive sales in the future. For example, she said that through the free WiFi service provided by the mall, the mall can count the length of time customers spend in different locations on the venue to understand the popularity of different shops. The mobile app (App) of the mall also has social media function. Users can organize the food gathering and shopping activities in the mall in the app, invite other users to participate, or invite friends to become users; the app is also the performance program of the mall. Live streaming is provided, and users can instantly respond to emoji. The mall also launches a merchant-side mobile app that allows merchants to receive e-coupons. “Retail technology needs to be able to work at the merchant level to be able to do well."

With Halloween, the main character of the Korean cartoon

She also thinks that the shopping malls targeting young customers are different from the shopping malls which are mainly family-oriented. The promotion strategy should emphasize “fun". For example, in conjunction with Halloween, the mall organises a Halloween promotion from mid-March to November 1st. In the mall, a number of Halloween-themed Korean cartoon characters, Mr.Donothing, are placed in the mall, and the “HEA Lai! Daze Competition" is held. activity. “Halloween is a playful festival for young people, and the daze is to match the theme of the store Hea."