Langchenghui’s first batch of discounts were 1.515,800 yuan

The new price of Huasheng, which is adjacent to the West Rail Langping Station, announced the first price list, involving 144 people. The average price of the discount was about 15,83 yuan. Wu Chongwu, the director of Huaying’s sales department, said that he described the pricing as “preserving restraint in the aggressiveness”, which is a 20% discount on the price of the new district in the same district. It also refers to the starting price of this time. It is estimated that there will be room for price increase in the future.

He continued, the project began to collect tickets yesterday, uploading sales arrangements within the day. In addition, Wu Chongwu said that he has the confidence to sell at least 60% in the first round. In the next two days, he will push the new price list depending on the collection status. He also said that he is not worried about catching the shipment, because the group has been twice in recent years. Selling buildings quickly. For the market outlook, he believes that it will remain stable, referring to the property market’s annual increase, and the recent slight downward adjustment is normal.

The price list for the first price of Langchenghui is from the highest level of 5.658 million yuan to the most expensive of 140.28 million yuan; the price of the price ranges from 14,93 million to 17,43 million yuan, and the saleable area is from 322 to 695 square feet. Compared with the price quoted by the new district (016) PARK YOHO Napoli in the same district at the end of last month, Napoli’s first discounted average price was 15.21 million yuan. Langchenghui was connected to the West Rail Station, and the price was very good.

Wang Haocong, director of the Central Plains New Territories, said that the first batch of Langchenghui had a 20% discount to the new disc in the same district, which was close to the second-hand price. As the project is a railway plate, offering a wide range of housing options, coupled with attractive prices, is expected to be sought after by users and investors.