Like the reclamation plan, bold Zhang Yuren: worthy of support

a new “Policy Report" earlier, which was well received by all parties. The Chairman of the Liberal Party, Mr Cheung Yu-man, praised the “Tomorrow’s Daylight" project proposed in the report yesterday and deserves to be embraced and supported. He said that although the plan involves 1700 hectares of reclamation, it is not done once, but in stages. He pointed out that the land derived from reclamation can be sold, and the income from land sales can support the project cost. He also suggested that Hong Kong should set up a capital fund for surpluses and stressed that the report should deal with housing and transportation issues in a real way.

Emphasize that the budget does not represent the flower reserve

The Chairman of the Liberal Party and member of the Executive Council, Mr Cheung Yu-yin, said that the “Tomorrow’s Day" project proposed in the Policy Address is a “very bold, everyone should embrace and support" plan. In response to voices claiming that the scheme will affect the ecology and spend the government’s reserves, he questioned the people concerned about the financial situation of Hong Kong. He believed that Hong Kong should have a certain amount of reserves under the existing finances. In fact, it should spend money; on the contrary, If the government has a surplus every year but only reserves, it will make the economy shrink.

Mr Cheung also said that even though “Low Island" involves 1700 hectares of reclamation and infrastructure, it does not mean that it will be done once, but it can be done in stages. He further analyzed that although the planned reclamation road needs to spend money, the land acquired from the reclamation project can be used for sale. He said that the income from these land sales activities can be used to carry out the next batch of land reclamation.

He reminded people that spending money in one place has never been a simple question: “This is not simply saying that 500 billion yuan and 1 trillion yuan will cost light (reserve)." For example, many democracies in the world are " If you owe money, if the United States issues bonds from time to time, it does not mean that the country will fall easily. He asked: “Hong Kong often says that democracy is one person, one vote, but which democratic country do you see is rich?"

Report and the concept of the Liberal Party

Zhang Yuren also affirmed that the “Policy Report" is in line with the Liberal Party’s philosophy, especially the party’s support for infrastructure and transportation. He said that Hong Kong should not wait for housing construction before building infrastructure and transportation. He further suggested that Hong Kong should build a capital fund in the future: “The (this year’s) surplus may be tens of billions of dollars; and the previous year (surplus) was more than 100 billion yuan. These surpluses will be built and reclamation. The fund can be prepared to do it."

In conclusion, Zhang Yuren pointed out that the development of Hong Kong’s infrastructure and transportation is inevitable, and affirmed that this “Policy Report" is very bold in both housing and transportation, and it is really dealing with people’s livelihood issues. He hopes that the public will have to see the Policy Address and not be influenced by the slogans of some people.