Mo ink king owner sold 228 million Central Court old building

The old buildings in Central are worth the price. The entire building at 94 Wellington Street, adjacent to the Urban Renewal Authority Central and Peel Street / Graham Street Reconstruction Project (Graham Street Project), was sold for 228 million yuan. The original owner, Huang Junxin pill owner Wong and the relevant people holding 7 years Jin Jin earned 140 million yuan, 1.6 times appreciation.

Adjacent to the Central to Mid-Levels escalator at 94 Wellington Street, an area of ​​about 1013 square feet, is a 50-year-old building, 7-storey building, ground floor to 3rd floor for commercial use, the rest of the residential, The total construction area of ​​about 6000 square feet.

It is understood that the property two months ago to 200 million yuan put the disk, and on the 24th of last month Yongtai Real Estate (00369) Partners Capital Strategy (00497) won the Jia Xian Street project site C Commercial King, the city passed the price as high as 11 billion Yuan, the next day the property that is 228 million yuan contract implementation of the transaction, foot price 38,000 yuan, 14% higher than the asking price. The new buyer is EASTERN COSMO LIMITED.

Shop for your own use

The above-mentioned property was owned by Wong Fung Man Wong Man Sun, owner of Wenhui Cuttlefish Pill and related parties in 2010 who bought 88 million yuan. The ground floor shop has been used for its own use. The upstairs flat is rented to tenants such as hair style houses, photo studio and residential quarters, yuan.

Huang Junxin and related parties are now selling the old buildings, the book a substantial profit of 140 million yuan, hold goods 7 times Jin earn 1.6 times. It is reported that the ground floor will pay off, meaning King Brilliant King fish ball shop will be closed.

In addition, Mowang Ning, director of capital markets at Jones Lang LaSalle, said that a Middle East bank appointed the bank to sell 18th floor, Queen’s Road Central, Central, full-scale office building 18 floor area of ​​about 13700 square feet, next January 10, Property sold for sale, the transfer of the company can change the form. Market participants estimate that the market value of 18 / F, Queen’s Road West, No. 9, exceeds 40,000 yuan per sq ft, with a valuation of over 550 million yuan. According to the statistics, the owners acquired about $ 288 million in 2009 at a price of about $ 21,000.